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  1. A couple may be Boone and Crockett or close to, definately not all of them. I thought a Boone a Crockett had to be 170" net in score...170" takes a very large rack with very good length and mass. I see maybe one or two racks in that picture that have that possibility. I could see all of them being Pope and Young but they would have to be taken with a bow to do so. Impressive nonetheless.
  2. Just think, 9 boxes of shells will cost you about the same as the weapon that is firing them...ammo prices have gone crazy, but it is the price to be paid and one that I am more than willing to pay for with the war. Good luck with your new fire-stick.
  3. I married the best woman in the world. I ice-fish with her father and go on an annual trip during open water and fish with my father most of the summer. She has given me two beautiful boys and while fishing frequency has declined in the past couple of years (sons are 3 1/2 and 20 months), I hope to enjoy many days on the water with them through childhood, adolecense and into their adulthoods. I am committed as a father to see my sons grow to be upstanding and respectful citizens in a world that produces less and less each year. Take care!
  4. Rod: Something with a Medium or Medium Heavey Action with a Medium to Fast Tip. The softer the tip the better hooking results will be. I use a couple extendable 7'6" Rods that are made for trolling. The rod collape down to about 6'. Shimano makes a very nice trolling rod made for use with holders. Reels: I really was looking hard at getting the Sealines last year but decided to spend the money on and get Shimano Tekota 300LC's. Drag can't be beat! Line: As mentioned previously Fireline and Power Pro are good candidates with a mono backing. Last thing. Remember to fill those LC reels up to capacity or else your line out readings are inaccurate! Take care and Enjoy. Should hopefully be able to put these to use for the first time this year next weekend in South Dakota. Take care!
  5. St. Croix hands down...especially the top end...I have 2 legend elite's, 2 legend tournament and a few Avids....all lifetime warranteed. However you compare an elite with an avid you are comparing a filet mignon to sirlion. Seriously speaking they are the best rods I could imagine and I have never had issues with them and never had to use a warrantee, but at least the comfort level is there just in case. Now don't get me wrong I wouldn't mind trying a couple GLX's or IMX's but St. Croix has treated me well and I haven't had the desire to buy anything else. Any GLX user out there that can compare the differences between it and the IMX? Would love to hear if the differences are the same as the St. Croix models and my perception of the differences. Thanks!
  6. Well, I am one of the people that do make the ice look like swiss cheese when we fish. There are times when we are scouting that we will drill 100 holes a day/per auger...no kidding. I have the Lazer Mag and am on my 3rd year with the same blades and am probably approaching 2000 holes. The key is not to drill in dirty ice which severly will limit the life of your blades. Just in case I always do carry a spare set of blades. Good luck on your decision.

    Non Hunter Question

    Correct, making a drive is a great example...He just has to 'actively' aiding in the hunt...I think there is a lot of gray area here... It MAY be legal to just sit there and do nothing, however it is probably not the intent of the law. I guess the book can't cover all the scenario's, if it was any bigger we would be reading instead of hunting during the season. I hear next year they are going to a hard cover ...joking of course... Take care!
  8. I actually pulled the plug on mine this year...of course it is a little easier now with the Thompson Pro Hunter...1/2 turn and the breech plug is out. I never fired mine this muzzleloader season either. Oh well, there is always next year. Take care!
  9. That OK...you have ice fishing to look forward to with me and Chucky. Besides I'll let you look at the picture of the Buck that my brother got this year...yep we got the one we have been chasing for a few years. Are you going to be up for fishing on the 23rd...hopefully this warm weather and rain will stop!!! Take care and good recommendation. I think you are told to clean them within 24 hours of shooting...that stuff (even the blowback) is corrosive.
  10. MMM....Sounds like a trend. Same thing happened with a 1 lb tank to my father-in-law who almost caught fire. He tried putting the fire out with snow as well as water from a hole we had just drilled in temps below (-10). He tried both before for about 1 minute all the while almost catching fire. He finally gave up and launched the buddy 40 yards through the air(while also launching a couple choice explitives). He let the thing burn completely out before recovering and returning the lump of melted plastic to the store for a full refund. Never mind that I had been watching the whole incident unfold. I almost wet myself I was laughing so hard. Take care!
  11. Nay... 3/4 in our ice fishing group can attest to this, but we have one person who still uses it. Although I can remember a couple of times with really cold temps he actually had to go into the truck to 'warm-up' his big buddy before it would light up. If you can't depend on your equipment you have unhappy customers. Take care!
  12. Thompson Center Encore Pro Hunter...it'll be the first year hunting with it so I will give a review after the season is done...
  13. That is what we said the first time we saw him last year. We actually think he was bigger last year than he was this year...green score is at least 165" as 3/4 G2's,G3's go at or better than 12". Main beams both measure 26" with an inside spread over 19". Needless to say my brother was grinning ear to ear...for about the next 4 days!
  14. Thanks, my dad and I are quite proud of him as well. This is the largest buck we have seen in all my 18 years of hunting. Not taken in central MN, but Northwestern MN. Take care!
  15. My Brothers Buck taken 11/05/2006. I took 2 years of work, but he finally made a mistake we could capitalize on.
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