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  1. I've been very lucky (knock on wood) but I've had best vehicles 1 and 2. Best vehicle #1 was an 94 Z-28. For a completely stock car that thing was fast IMO. If you tromped on it from a stand still one would be hard pressed to get rubber but if you held her to the boards and had a little patience you could get a bit of rubber at 55 when it shifted into second. At that point hang on. That car was so much fun unfortunately didn't do well with the white stuff so it was traded in for a truck. Best vehicle #2 is our current little green monster. A 97 Cavalier; this car may not be the fastest on 4 wheels, actually I don't think anyone can use Cavalier and fast in the same sentence, but boy is that reliable. She has 230,000 miles and the only thing that have been done to it are replacing the water pump and replacing the clutch. The only thing that has been done to the car in the last 2 years is change the oil and put gas in the tank (and not very much of that). Can't think of anything better than owning a car free and clear that doesn't break the bank with repairs.
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    I've been to Alaska twice in the past 3 years and didn't want to come back either time. Each time we went we hooked up with a guide named Kevin (The Butt Chaser)and he put us on more fish than we could handle. He guides out of Ninilchik which is about 45 minutes or so north of Homer. I don't remember the cost but it seemed pretty reasonable at the time. Let me know if you want his number.
  3. I believe there is a slot on that particular species but it's an ever adjusting slot that's directly related to alcohol consumption.
  4. I saw a big "go fast" boat on the Croix with the name Blew Bayou. It seemed to be pretty fitting for the boat.
  5. You might want to consider buying some tattle flags. What I've had happen on numerous occasions is a small fish will grab your bait and you don't realize it's on so you drag this little fish around until you check and/or change bait. A lot of productive fishing time had been lost in my boat when this took place.
  6. My grandfather told me many moons ago that walleyes like the female minnows better. He said it had to do with the way they wiggle. I didn't get it when I was 6 but my father loved the explanation.
  7. I've been up there twice in the past 3 years and I went with a guide out of Ninilchik (The Butt Chaser). Ninilchik's about 45 minutes north of Homer on the cook inlet and Kevin really knows his stuff; we didn't come home with less than 100# of halibut either trip. Don't quote me but you might be a little early for kings though (I think they run sometime around the end of May begining of June). His # is 907-567-1025 and he's not easy to get a hold of but definitely worth the effort. The last time we went out we had 3 boats within a stones throw of us and they managed 4 fish between them; we caught 12 on our boat plus a flounder and 3 Irish Lords (bonus fish).
  8. I don't think there are any walleyes left in the Croix. There are some decent eyes in White bear also. Lots of deep structure to fish in the fall. Bring on the cool weather.
  9. Drifting or trolling with slipbobbers is very effective in certain situations. The key is having enough weight to keep the line from pulling through the float. Something I like to do is drift/troll with a lindy rig under a float. This takes a little time to figure exactly what depth the bait is being presented at but with a little trial and error it can be figured out. This presentation works great over the tops of weeds also.
  10. I wouldn't purchase a line counter that's seperate from the reel if you troll with any type of superbraid. The lines are too hard which makes the counters inaccurate. If you pull 50 feet of a superbraid through one of line counters that's not a part of the reel you'll get a different number each time. I did it a half dozen times and the counter registered everywhere from 25 feet to 40 feet.
  11. HP15, I also have fished that outlet on Little Pine a couple of times. Some awfully big walleyes in that lake. Early in the evening before tossing raps for the eyes we would "waste time" straight out from the outlet fishing crappies. I don't care for crappie fishing much at all but the fish we tied into were unbelievable. Most of my openers are spent on the Croix because I don't like playing bumper boats and it seems opening weekend for Minnesota everybody and their brother hit the still water of lakes.
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