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  1. I agree and the law says if you have your limit in possession,you can't continue to fish for that species. Stay one short of your limit or maybe it is time to try for something else. You got your limit,what happens if you catch another fish of the same species and it dies? If you could keep fishing some people would be stringer sorting all day long with a lot of dead fish thrown back in the water.
  2. Is braid the trend of the future or is mono holding its own? Whats best for a spinning reel? Your choice and why? Is there difference in mono quality in brands?
  3. Jumbo you are absolutely correct,especially in the northern half of the state, many of our Stream Trout lakes the smallmouth bass have been introduced by people or somehow by nature. They have completely desimated(sp) trout populations in these lakes and in some cases the DNR has abandoned the lakes as Managed Stream Trout lakes. Too bad. Yes I hope with the verbal support from us, the DNR does takes a active role in reclaiming these lakes. Like you mentioned they are reclaiming lakes now or in the near future. The Grand Marais office along with many other Fisheries stations will tell the Wild Strain brook trout now used in lakes,has had low survival in many of the brook trout lakes(not all,but a very high percentage),growth rate is usually slower than past strains. This strain survived and done well in streams in the wild.. This strain even when stocked does poorly in many of the lakes brook trout once did ggreat in with a different strain.Even in the hatchery they are harder to raise and get substantial growth. The DNR fisheries tried it and now its time to move on. If you do a lot of brook trout fishing in lakes,just be observant and if above is true,pass it on to your DNR fisheries personnel your comments. Some DNR stations are already thinking going away from brook trout stocking when even their nets show low survival of this strain.
  4. I own 3 canoes and think it is very cheap price for a 3 year sticker. We got a very good system of public waters and access program,maybe it is just a trail,but we got access. In a day that human populations keep increasing look around you and see how lucky we are to have what we got. Yes some of it goes to law enforcement also.
  5. Also one of the reasons I started this post,some DNR Fisheries offices are starting to stop stocking brookies in lakes because failure and low survival and switching to brown trout which you wonder even belong being stocked in northern Minnesota,especially areas like the Gunflint area. Brook trout are favored by many and hope it is continued,but witha strain that provides a fishery.
  6. About 6 years ago the DNR switched strains of brook trout stocked into lakes to a strain called the Minnesota wild strain originating from streams in southeastern Minnesota. It seems to do find in streams but has had limited success in lakes in growth and also survival is less in my opinion and also shows up in DNR's lake assessment. The question is if they should switch to another strain? You big time brook trout fisher people,what is your experience on lake brook trout fishing? Are you seeing numbers caught and size changing at all? There is actually strains of brook trout in like Maine and Canada there normal life span is 1-2 years longer than the present strain. That would also help in seeing bigger fish. Your opinion and observations would be appreciated?
  7. Sometimes they will stock excess trout in trout lakes after the initial stocking,trouble is otherwise they have to bring trout all the way from Laneboro or spire valley 40 miles north of Brainerd. that can get expensive. I often wondered would we be better of if a little more catch and release or size limits?
  8. Old topic but very informative. Time to bump up and maybe new info from somebody?
  9. Hearing nothing in crow Wing county,a fair number in cass county.
  10. Look at many of the outfitters along the BWCA and they have used canoes listed. I am sure most would even tell you what one would be worth.
  11. laker1

    ND bird

    Thanks, you answered my question,always was hoping maybe to try to go hunting there. I thought I heard it was residents only.
  12. laker1

    ND bird

    Residents only?
  13. That is more like northern half of zone 508 also. More small groups and fair amount of jakes,but old birds missing. Heard like Mankato area is not as high as a few years back and Todd county still good but down.
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