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  1. Use it. 3 years three bears: 470, 410 and 210 with four bears she could see at one time. Not a issue where I bait. Have fun!!!
  2. My daughter shot her first bear this year. She and my girlfriend,who had never been in a stand before went together. They had 4 bears come in and had the time of there lives!! The kept it together and harvested a nice 220 pound boar. I couldn't be more proud!!
  3. 0 for 5, worst year ever. never even saw a deer on my 150 acre farm. I think we have shot too many of them over the last few years along with some hard winters. I think some one over estimated the population in my area, heck the whole state.
  4. [Note from admin: Your post has been edited. Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank you.]
  5. west of Park Rapids by the smokey hills. all private land too.
  6. Same problem, all deer are moving at night. driving me crazy as it makes bow hunting hard.
  7. I have a couple of teen age girls who want to get into bow hunting. any ideas on where to get a inexpensive bow or does someone have a old bow(small) for cheap. thanks Joe
  8. Bing has the same photos for my area, a lot better then google.
  9. my area is from spring,I can tell by the logging activity. I guess there not all updated at the same time.
  10. And they are up to date from this summer(June?) http://maps.bwsr.state.mn.us/RIMOnline/ enjoy Joe
  11. I Like my Tikka T3 better then any other gun I own(20+). The quality is amazing, and it is light as a feather(in comparison). Joe
  12. way to go, she will never forget that. Cant wait to see the pictures. Joe
  13. Or hunt like normal and fake bait them. They are competitive and will come in sooner if they think another bear is beating them too the bait and eating all their supper. Did this and had two bears come in the next night, the one we took went 410 pounds. So Play some games and trick them. Joe
  14. Shhhh. its hard enough to get drawn, don't taunt the deer hunters.
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