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  1. I thought it was incredibly quiet as well. I adjusted the string stop on mine after the first few arrows, then it was REAL quiet
  2. Anyone else shoot or buy the new Creed yet? Have shot a lot of bows and I don't think any can match this one. Ultra smooth draw, solid back wall, fast, dead in hand, and most importantly, accurate as all get-out.
  3. Hormel Always Tender Baby Backs are $2.79 / lb at The bullseye right now
  4. Yes, works great for small batches. It is real handy to use the big mixing bowl for the ground meat to fall in, then add your seasonings and mix
  5. Made a pulled pork and cheese omelet last weekend with leftovers and it was awesome.
  6. 4-1-1's Take 4 cans of beer and pour into a large pitcher. Add 1 frozen can of limeade concentrate and then fill the empty limeade can full of vodka and pour that in. Stir together and serve in glasses with ice. Very good, but be careful
  7. I've always wondered how this can be a law/regulation. Even though I always have my practice shooting done in October, this is never an issue for me. But how can the DNR actually do this? Doesn't my 2nd amendment right trump their regulation?
  8. We have relatives in Wichita and Hutchinson and usually get ahold of a few bottles 2-3 times a year in our visits or when they come up here.
  9. Curley's is a mainstay at our home as well. It is our favorite for the milder, hickory sauce. For a hotter, spicier sauce I like Famous Dave's Texas Pit, some of the Stubbs' sauces, and I have a relative that bottles his own that is my favorite.
  10. Awesome Thirdeye! Where can I find a pork butt to buy? I always look in my grocery store but they never seam to have one.
  11. Coach Dog


    Ray Ban "P" is a pretty nice set of shades. I have a couple pair that I wear for every day and since they are polarized, they are awesome for fishing as well.
  12. Eddie Vedder is my favorite, by far. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Steve Perry from Journey. He has one of the most classic vocal performances of all time in "Don't Stop Believin'".
  13. Wasn't the 2009 vikings pretty much the same team as the 2010 vikings? Meaningless would be the 2009 vikings season, not to mention all other vikings seasons...EVER!
  14. Hang Em High is a good one too.
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