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  1. I can only comment on 3A-B. I'd like to see the 3A only 4 days with 3B at 7 and muzzy 10. 2 deer a piece each season with continued APR
  2. APRs protect young bucks and give them an opportunity to survive the rut hunt as an silly-me 1.5 yr old full of hormones. I think it should be state wide, not just in areas with large populations. It makes sense to have a more restrictive season in areas with less deer.
  3. Gun season in peak of rut without APR places the young bucks on a chopping block. Open walleye/pike season Apr 1st with no slot limits, would place the large females on a chopping block. A July goose hunt would place a lot of young geese on the chopping block. An August pheasant hunt would place a lot of young birds on the chopping block. When individuals have been given the opportunity to make decisions on harvest, history shows us a pretty poor track record. Some people abuse this opportunity which leads to increased regulations to ensure protection of our resources. Thats what I think adding APR to the rut hunt in MN would do. Its not about my horn infatuation or mandating my agenda on others. Move the hunt to Dec 5th or keep it in the rut and add APRs.
  4. Purple, I'd be curious to know if you have hunted in an APR zone. I have seen a drastic change in how people hunt and this is due to APR. Far less driving is taking place because the drivers cant shoot at a deer in cover because they can't see if its a legal deer or not. It forces people to be sure of their target which in my opinion enhances safety. Sure everyone is supposed to clearly identify their target and what is behind it, but it doesnt always happen! The hunt in the rut is fine with me, because it increases hunter success. But if MN continues a rut hunt, I think APR is a good countermeasure to ensure the most vulnerable deer have a little protection.
  5. Another less talked about benefit to APRs, you have to really be sure of your target. Many does are passed on in low light or moving quickly through woods. This can only help improve safety in the woods. Before I get the "many people shoot it and leave it lay response" I can assure you they are in the minority. Why can't a guy enjoy APRs and get the "true" meaning of hunting??
  6. I love APRs. I love venison loins. You can do both. I respect the guy that loves shooting and eating any deer, I also respect the guy that passes up 1.5 yr old bucks hoping to shoot a giant. The only question I have for the guys out there hunting for the tasty venison and not the horns is......A 14 pt 200 inch deer walks out with a spike at 40 yds. Do you shoot the tasty spike or tough 200 incher?
  7. mass 36, spread 18, 49 per side = 152 gross, 146 net
  8. Favorite tactic of mine is casting cranks with braided line. I think its important to fish the bait parallel to the weed edge so your crank is in the zone longer. Low light they may be off the edge more, bright days may be tucked in. Once I work an outside edge a few times, I may go to the inside edge a few passes. Then switch to some jigs or corks to work the pockets in the middle. Glasses are key to help pinpoint your cast, 5 feet left or right can make all the difference. If you have 3-4 feet on top of the weeds, trolling with the electric using spinners and a split shot or bullet sinker can work too.
  9. I'd like to throw out a few more opinions regarding the decline of duck hunting. Our habitat has shrunk, forcing a BUNCH of hunters into smaller decent areas. These areas are pressured so heavily that birds are not here for long. 50 years ago how many workers could take off 40 days during duck season. How many sloughs had hunters on them mon-fri 50 yrs ago? So even when we raise a few birds here, they get chased off in no time. I would like to see no hunting on Wed, close the season at 2 everyday but Sat or something like that. Just as hunters need to change I think the DNR may need to make drastic changes in the future. They have made a lot of changes already and I give them credit.
  10. My guess is 141 gr, 128 net very nice deer
  11. Put me in the camp of "shoot it" tell the DNR it was a threat to my property and most importantly my family. If that makes me a poacher, so be it. Many people act differently in real life situations than they do in cyberlife....just saying. And I also agree the comparison to DWI is absurd.
  12. 349 by law had to pass on 3, would have anyways, Had a nice 10 pointer at 40 yds twice, but no shot. Last year there were 6-8 different bucks in my area that got a pass and the bow hunters were happy this year!
  13. APR actually helps those on public land. Everyone on public is mandated to let a 1.5 yr old go. That public land is only going to get better at producing older bucks. Some private land has been managed this way to some extent for years so their harvest patterns wouldn't change that much.
  14. The analogy was referring to the fact that a law was needed because we can't agree or show restraint in regards to free will harvest. Do you think there was some resistance to the first laws in the late 1800s, sure but we can look back and say I'm glad they did. On a side note the original non-resident fee was 100 times the resident.
  15. As we can tell after 150 some odd posts, we the people will NEVER all agree on what hunting is and should be. Changing culture (beliefs) is very difficult. Look at mille lacs and the slot. How many people let 21 inch walleyes go up there 15 yrs ago? Now a rule has left no doubt, you have to throw it back. Most would agree we have a world class fishery, but you can't keep as many as you did before. As human pressure goes up and habitat changes, we need to change laws to protect the resources. Deer are no different. I think state wide APRs would be fine. Why should low population areas have less restrictions on deer harvested, seems backwards. Passing on a fork or basket six may seem crazy for those that have never seen a buck, but 2 yrs down the road when they shoot an 8 or 10 point, they will look back and say that was great. The meat hunters say they hunt for venison, if a 1.5 yr old doe and a 5.5 yr old 180 inch buck came out side by side, which one would get shot? Shooting a nice buck has been the lure of deer hunting for everyone, who dreams of shooting a nice spike buck. Increased mature buck numbers would do nothing but good for MN deer hunting. To see this, we will need laws in place, because we will never agree.
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