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  1. I am looking into purchasing a used Lowrance LCX 16 CI. My question to you guys is if the unit itself is older than the Lakemaster chip that I want to put in it, is it going to work? The unit is probably older than 2004, and the chip is I believe 06-07. If it won't, what do I need to do? Let me know what you guys think! Thanks.
  2. no_bod

    Tip Up line

    In the event my flag goes up, the tip up lays on the ice for a couple minutes, rebaited, then back in the water. The time it is laying on the ice the line on the spool freezes for a bit. Even when I pull the line free, it still becomes harder and harder to pull off as time goes on. I thought maybe this was a type of line issue.
  3. no_bod

    Bent Auger Drill Unit

    I had a bent S/M auger and I took it to the company in Big Lake three weeks ago. They told me there was nothing they could do for me. I think they wanted me to buy a new one. So kitchy, take it for what it's worth....
  4. no_bod

    Tip Up line

    Just wanted to see what you guys use for tip up line. I use some kind of dacron line, which seems to fail me more often than not. Freezes on the spool, not even the biggest fish could run with it if it wanted to. Any line out there that is flawless on the ice?
  5. no_bod

    Vexilar FL-20 Problems

    I have an issue with my FL 20 as well so I'll take it on this topic. It's not sonar but my Range knob is acting a little goofy. It "spins" around, yet I am still able to change into the range that I want. Do any of you know if these knobs pop off? Anyone ever have this problem? e.
  6. no_bod

    Where to fish with 35+ winds

    There wasn't a breath of wind on Lake Bemidji today. The water was like glass, but the fishing wasn't good. It was a great day to be on the water in late November!
  7. I had received a leatherman for a Christmas present. I took it out to the fish house in the original packaging. As I was struggling to remove it from the packaging, I ripped it open with all my force and the leatherman went flying, hit the fish house canvas in front of me, and down the hole she went. I didn't even get a chance to use the dumb thing.
  8. no_bod

    Auger Issue

    Thanks again for the help. I was able to get in contact with Strikemaster. There are two places in town that can take care of my issue. How convenient!
  9. no_bod

    Auger Issue

    Hey guys, thanks for all the helpful comments.
  10. no_bod

    Auger Issue

    SP180, do you recall what they told you the fix was? I will probably start off with a new set of blades. Hopefully that's the cats' meow.
  11. no_bod

    Auger Issue

    Guru, is there an "easy" fix to this?
  12. no_bod

    Auger Issue

    My last time on the ice last year I had an issue with my auger. It was late ice and somehow I managed to get the auger stuck in the ice as I was drilling a hole. After about a minute, the auger became dislodged. As I went to drill another hole, it didn't seem like it wanted to cut without me having to lay across the top and apply most of my body weight. The auger doesn't appear to be bent in anyway. The blades are 2 years old and seem to be very sharp. Maybe a blade was slightly bent? Any suggestions on what may have happened? Thanks in advance. Bring on the ice!
  13. no_bod

    White Muskies???

    I think she had her costume on...
  14. no_bod

    New Michigan State Record Muskie

    I agree muskieboy. It use to be that if you didn't have a picture of a fish that you caught, no one would believe it (this still happens). Now, when a legit picture and official weight are taken, it is still being criticized. What more do some of you folks want?
  15. no_bod

    muskies in bemiji area

    there aren't any muskies in the bemidji area...they're all gone