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  1. Nice to see there are other "garage logicians" out there. My C.I. is a lousy 17. I'm 37 so I have to come up with 20 more. Should be fun trying.
  2. What a shame. I really enjoyed watching those tournaments on tv. It seemed like a very well run tournament.
  3. Is Byllesby a good walleye lake?
  4. cartfan

    fishing line

    I had Trilene 6lb green XL put on 2 of my reels last year at Gander Mountain. Both spools would coil up very easily after using them for the first time and would make it almost impossible to tie a knot. Do you think it was the line and how it was put on? I put 6lb XT on another spool and it never seemed to coil up and was much easier to tie knots with.
  5. I frequently drive across the 61 bridge in Newport and always look north to see if there are any boats sitting on a popular point. Yesterday it was pretty warm, so I made a point to look. And sure enough there was one boat sitting on the point. I could see what looked like large chunks of ice floating down the river. Anybody been out there this early and is it safe?
  6. Ooops....I meant I always watched Virgil Ward. Gillespie can be fun to watch, but his yelling also drives me crazy. Once you notice it, it's hard to watch the show.
  7. My vote is for "Linders Angling Edge" It seems to be the most informative show out there. Runner up is any show about a tournament. I always watch Virgil Ward too. It's to bad one of these cable channels don't show some of his old shows.
  8. Thank you, that helps alot. How about using beads or blades?
  9. I haven't gone ice fishing in years, but plan on doing some this year. It's been so long I can't remember the best ways to set them up for walleye and northern. I have braided nylon line and need to know what to put on the end that for walleye and northern.
  10. cartfan

    Roach rig

    I plan on trying out a roach rig this weekend for the first time. I've never read anywhere that a swivel is used. Does anybody have any experience with these and did you use a swivel?
  11. Thanks alot for the advise. I was a little concerned that the 115 wouldn't be enough motor, but it sounds like it will be. Also, has anyone tried to put an anchor mate on the 1700 fisherman? It doesnt look like there's enough room. Thanks again.
  12. I plan on getting a new boat soon and have a few questions. 1. what is the best time of year to buy. 2. How much can I expect a dealer to go down in price. 3. I'm looking at either a Lund 1700 Fisherman or a Crestliner 1700 Superhawk. Most advertised packages come with a 115 hp. Is that enough motor for that size boat. Alot of questions, but I would really appreciate any help. Thanks.
  13. Does anyone know of a good campground in the Chisago area. Tent or cabin. Thanks
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