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  1. Was at Cabela's in Rogers the other day. They had a new product from Old Town called NEXT. It is a canoe kayak hybred. Use a kayak paddle. Very comfortable looking seat. Its on YouTube if your interested. Bobcat45
  2. I guess I would call Plano customer service and talk to them. It might be along shot but you never know. I had a tackle box lid break once and I emailed them to see if I could buy just that peice. They just sent me a new lid free of charge and not even shipping. Believe me it was not warrentied any more. It sucks that your in the middle of there transition. Good luck though Bobcat
  3. Thanks for the replies. A spare would be a good idea just in case.
  4. I have a older Lund boat the plug has always been on the inside of the transom. With the new regulations of always having to remove it anytime your trailering its a pain in the but to reach down behind the battery to put it in or take it out. Is it safe to put it in on the outside of the transom? Its not one that is threaded its the expandable kind. Thanks Bobcat
  5. I use a percolator here. Maybe you guys already do this but my BIL showed me when using a percolator that once the water starts to boil to turn the heat down so its percolating kind of slow kinda like simmering. I thought it worked real good. Hardly any grounds and not so blasted hot your scared to put your lips next to it.
  6. Thanks ST But I already tried there they don't have one that fits my sled. It's a 96 AC 2-up Puma.
  7. Does anyone know where I can get a seatcover for my sled or bring it in to have it recovered at a upolstery shop in the NW or N metro Bobcat 45
  8. Hemlock I just ran across a new type of wireless fence on the internet the other day. It's called WiFi wireless fence. It covers up to 2 1/2 acres. I really don't know much more about it but it looked interesting. Google Monell Pets Thats who I bought my inground fence from and was very happy with there service. The thing that would be nice with a unit like this is if you went somewhere you could maybe bring it with. Good luck Bobcat
  9. I put a fence in for our 2 dogs about a month ago. I started out going to the box stores to see what was avalable. Started asking questions,doing searching on the Internet. One of the diffrences between having Invisible fence install it and buying at a box store is the gauge of the wire that is used. 20 gauge is what is at the box stores. I found a place on the internet that sells packages of 20,18,16, or 14 gauge wire of however much wire and flags that you need with the controller as a kit. I fenced almost 5 acers it went well. The company that I bought it from was very helpful and answered all questions and some that I didn't ask. The controler was the same as in the box stores. Some rental shops have a machine mad for burying dog fence wire. Thats what I used it worked great burys the wire as you pull the trencher. Good luck Bobcat45 It is simple to do
  10. mrpike I have a brand like that and the lid on the 777 cracked. I emailed them and asked them if I could buy relacement parts. They emailed me back and asked which model and which part and sent me one free of charge. I was happy about that. It may depend on how old it is. I think its worth a try good luck Bobcat45
  11. Picked up a Weber Q 100 last week for a good deal. Have only used it once so far. Impressed so far. Thing is well built SS burners and a very even heat. This will also be my most used home grill since it is usually just the wife and I.
  12. Going visiting in WI this weekend and wanted to bring the 4wheeler. Question is to ride on WI trails do I need any special license's or stamps. And if so where can I get them. Sounds like the Danbury area.Thanks Bobcat
  13. 05 Eiger Nothing fancy but it does the job. Bought it used in 06 came with Maxxiss Bighorns and wheels and a warn winch. Big horns are nice probly why it caught my eye to buy it.
  14. I have a corn stove so pellets I have no personal experience. For me the auger is not annoying but the fan can be. It is in our living area. Its not that loud but some times I like just plain quiet. But between wood or corn I'll take corn. Only have to tend it once a day. My advice is to take your time to look because there are a lot of manufacturers or stoves out there and some may be quieter than others. Mine is 5yrs old and things could have changed a lot since then. Good luck Bobcat
  15. I don't know enough about them to recomend size. Mine is a 3.1 cf and it works for me. With 3 kids I would think if you can afford a larger one that would be better. Don't know anything about steam wash. They can vibrate alot if the load is unbalanced. They really haul azz when there in the spin cycle but I don't think its alot worse than a top loader. I would recomend getting the pedistal if your not stacking them. It brings the door to about waist high instead of knee high. Which is a pain to unload. Good luck.
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