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  1. New this year (used twice) 2005 XLTwin (Frabill) Flip Over fish house for sale. Retail sells for $449.99 plus tax. Will sell for $425. House is second one listed on the following web page: http://www.frabill.com/iceshelters.html#XLTwin I love the house but need to sell it. I am located in South Minneapolis. Email me at [email protected] if interested. Thanks.
  2. hey walleyeweasel, why don't you read the post about the dog being shot before you assume things. He was shot just because he dug some small hole under his porch. Some grumpy old (Contact US Regarding This Word) took his problems out on some poor dog who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. It sounds like you think it is ok to shoot a dog. If that is the case, unbelievable.
  3. I have heard that giving your dog a cup of tomato juice once a day helps with this problem. Somehow it takes away some of the acidity in the urine. Again, only have heard this, have yet to try it! I also have the lawn spots so let me know if you find a cure!
  4. Last night my brother-in-laws yellow lab was shot and killed by a neighbor down the street. Apparently the lab (three legged by the way) was digging a small hole in the neighbors yard. Granted this dog should not have been digging a hole in the yard but what possess an individual to do this to someones best friend? The dog had his tags on and everything. All the neighbor had to do was call the # and tell them to come get there dog. And I am sure that my brother-in-law would have been more than happy to replace the hole for them. I haven't heard of this happening to much but does this kind of event happen more often that we think? Or not? Is there anything that can be done to prosecute this (Contact US Regarding This Word)? Thanks for your input.
  5. pants

    Lab wont' swim!

    Thanks for all your input. I will keep you all informed as to if she will finally do the swim!
  6. I have a 20 month old chocolate lab and she will not swim. She will go in the water but once she feels it getting to deep she will turn right around. Now I have tried everything from throwing a stick in the water to throwing treats in the water to going in the water myself to try and make her follow me. I have also brought her to my friends house who has a dog that loves to swim but she will not follow the other dog into the water. Has it come down to the last resort of throwing her in off the dock and making her swim or is that to risky (she may just panic and freeze)? Any advice would be great. I would love to see her swim but am now thinking that that may never happen. Thanks.
  7. I have a 11 month old chocolate lab who is afraid to go into the deep water. She loves to go shallow and get her body and feet wet but when she makes her way to deeper water and it is time to swim she turns right around and goes back to shallow water. I have always let her go into the water on her own, never forcing her in. Once the water warms up I am going to try and go in myself and hope that she follows. That is all I can think of. Any other advice? Thanks. ------------------
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