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  1. I replaced the ignition in my mercruiser I/O yesterday, no problems. Come night fall I turned on the lights....and blew through three fuses before giving up and creeping back to shore in the dark. Any reason that chnaging the ignotion would cause the short, or should I just start with the wiring?
  2. This happened right in front of my house. The channel (right now, with the drought) is ony about 3 feet deep max, so even if it had gone through there wasn't far for it to go. Most of the path it traveled was frozen probably to the bottom or close. The builder bought a lot a few blocks inland last year, "spun" the house that was on it and made room for this house next to it. This is the second time that I know of that he has moved a historic house in dowtown WBL to a new location.
  3. Can anyone reccommed someone to work on an I/O quickly, near White Bear? TIA
  4. I left you a VM--I think I would like to look at it. I work in downtown St Paul and live in White Bear, so sometime during the work day is better as I'm closer.
  5. I'm interested, I am just wondering if it's big enough for what I have: 14 ft lund (old) with a homemade false floor. Currently has a very old evinrude 25 on it whose time has come. What have you used it on?
  6. Thanks again guys. Great advice.
  7. A little, and it's inconsistent. I'll do the fuel pump and see if that does it. FYI everyone I am also in the market for a used short shaft, pull start 18-25 horse outboard.
  8. Thanks for the advice everyone. I pulled out the one screw I could see on the carb--it had a little spring around it-- sprayed in carb cleaner, screwed it back in, pumped in new gas with no sea foam at all, and she fired right up and ran like a top. Idled down without killing, ran great at top speed, excellent. Then the hard plastic outside on the fuel pump cracked and gas spewed everywhere. I dabbed some epoxy on it and let it sit overnight. Next day, it fired right up and ran like a top again for a half an hour, up and down the shore, all speeds, and then died. I could not restart it. It was having trouble getting gas to the choke and then into the carb. A little would get in, then it would start, then die. I assume I need a fuel pump.
  9. Thanks. I will try that. I assume if it does not have a screw I have no other option than taking the carb apart and cleaning it? Or is there anything else I can try? I just bought this motor, so it wasn't my bad gas
  10. I have an evinrude 6 horse, 1989, that isn't running well. It will not run at full tilt in gear-won't go to the very top speed, just bogs a little and stays short of it. If you pull the choke it runs at top speed for a few seconds, then backs off. It also tends to kill as you idle it down to slow speed, and then it's difficult to re-start. New plugs, fresh gas (although I may have overdone the sea foam a little--could that do it?) clean fuel filter. any ideas?
  11. I have never posted in this forum before but I saw something really cool last Sunday that I thought I'd share. I live on White Bear Lake, across from Matoska Park and the Manitou marsh, which is the wildest place on the lake. We have resident bald eagles, all types of owls at differnt times, loons, all kinds of waterfowl, bitterns, herons, everything. But in my 30 plus years of living in this area and being on the lake I have never seen a pelican. Sunday morning there were over a hundred of them out there--all white with black tipped wings. They all got up after awhile and circled the area in smaller groups for a bit, then they were gone. What kind are these? Where are they headed?
  12. even more funny lookin' than most people go bears Fargo "Smart enough to get by your guards with a dagger, old man"
  13. Horse with no name , America No shoes not shirt no service says the sign on the front screen door your friends all make me nervous you best keep 'em out of my store
  14. My wife and I are headed there for a long weekend. We've never been. Any good restaurants people would reccommend? Other stuff to do? Besides the Alamo.
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