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  1. thanks guys. hey otter i caught my second 30" of my life last saturday night on pokie. we should get out there sometime.
  2. I have been looking forward to trolling for eyes tonight but it looks like ill hit the lake right after a big thunderstorm. Any chance of finding them shallow? what about tommorrow night after the front has passed and the wind has blown all day?
  3. Thanks guys, all the info is greatly appreciated!
  4. Last year from mid July thru mid Oct I finally had consistent success trolling for wallyes at night on Pokegama in GR. What worked summer and fall was 1.7-2mph, hj10s and 12s, 4-12 fow water over weeds/rock/sand. What time of year does it pay to start night trolling? What kind of structure? fow? lure type and size? speed? Any info is greatly appreciated!
  5. Hey guys I have a place on Pokie in GR and fish it a lot but I always go to Deer for Muskies. Over the years I have heard that Pokie has some Muskies and that large ones are caught every year. I have seen a small tiger and with it being connected to the river, I'm sure there's an occasional muskie, but does anyone actually fish it for Muskies?
  6. Well, at least I know some spots not to waste time on next October full moon. Jamison, maybe next summer we can find a time to go out.
  7. That's what I was thinking Friday and Saturday night, something's not right. I was around the islands, mostly on the Sherry side. From 5-12 fow over rock, sand, and weed structure that produced very good in September. HJ12s and 14s in lots of proven colors. I got my speed down to 1.5 and threw in lots of turns. Maybe that was still too fast. I did try some pauses by shifting into neutral, but thinking about it now they were pretty short. Maybe I was just fishing memories and should have moved to totally different structure.
  8. Well, despite all the great tips, Friday and Saturday were a complete bust. Tried every spot and more that produced a month ago and not a single fish either night, not even a tap. Could it have been the low pressure system that went through on Friday? Frustrating. 50-51 surface temp, tried numerous lures, 4-12 fow, 1-2mph, everything I could think of. I guess that's fishing but after a great July, August and September, it was sure frustrating and unexpected. There's always next time though!
  9. Thanks again for all the tips. I just have my big motor. A magnum drift is what I use to get down to 1.7 or so. I'll try the trolling motor idea to get down a little more. I'll post how it goes on Sunday. Thanks again for all the help!
  10. Thanks for all the great info. like I've said before, this is a great forum with lots of helpful people! I definitely buy into the large bait idea this time of year. I fish smallies alot in the fall and find that very large chubs (7" plus) are magic. Besides HJ 14's and super rouges, any other recommendations for larger baits that work well in shallow water? Any 7-8"? Also, I have yet to figure out a way to get my boat slower than 1.6. Can I safely assume that s turns will take care of producing the slower speeds that might be needed?
  11. This last August and September was the firt time I had consistent luck trolling for walleyes at night on Pokegama in GR. For the September full moon period, the winning combination seemed to be rock/sand structure in 6-12fow, 1.6-1.8mph, pulling HJ 14's. I've never tried it this late in the fall though. I'm hoping to be out later this week for the full moon period. I think the water temps will be somewhere in the upper 40's. Should I keep doing what I was doing a month ago? Thanks for your help!
  12. thanks everyone for all the help. there certainly are lots of opportunities for action bites with wide variety of fish. I have to young boys, one of which is 5, and there is never a time that I cant't find hime enough rock bass, sunnies and perch to tire him out. But the lake also has quality fish. In the last five years, I've caught numerous 'eyes over 8 and one 10 and this summer I caught a 20 and a 21" smallie. Northerens between 5 and 10lbs are thick. One thing that I can do on a consistent basis is catch decent northerns on certain sections of shoreline and around the clouds of smelt over deepwater.
  13. good info, thanks. ya, Grand Rapids, Pokegama lake to be precise. I either catch 10-20, or 0-1. It would be nice to get to a point of catching at least 3-4 on a regular basis. Don't get me wrong, I'm not out to fill my freezer. I release the vast majority of what I catch. It's just the extreme inconsistency drives me crazy! You mentioned lure color. I usually troll HJ 12s or 14s in 6-12fow, sometimes on the edges, sometimes over flats. Best colors have be gold, chartreuse with a red head and blue/silver. Any other recomendations?
  14. I spend a fair amount of time trolling cranks at night for walleye on as large lake near Grand Rapids. I like to use fireline or powerpro because I can feel what the lure is doing. Some nights I do very well, but nights without a bite are more common than I would like. Could line visibility be a contributor to the inconsistency? Is it worth putting on a mono or flouro leader or do they even notice a small diameter superline at 1.8-2.5 mph? Thanks for your input!
  15. I'm thinking of building an ice house/dark house that I could drag out on the ice (no wheels necessary). 8-10 holes and a spearing hole in the center. Can anybody refer me to a source for a good plan? Thanks!
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