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  1. wally-eye

    Winterizing RV?

    Most water heaters are 6 gallons and it would be pretty expensive to fill it full of antifreeze, plus there is no need if you pull the plug. The bypass valve will allow you to add antifreeze to the lines but not the water heater.
  2. wally-eye

    Hybrid Campers

    My brother is thinking about selling his hybrid. It's a Coyote by K-Z. I think it's a 2006. They just don't have the time to use it anymore. His kids are too involved in volleyball & softball. They really like it but only used it once last year. It has a slide out and 3 tip out beds.
  3. wally-eye

    Black Hills trip

    I highly recommend Rafter J Bar Ranch campground in Hill City. Very nice place. We really enjoyed our stay there and it's kinda in the middle of all the attractions. I would go back for sure.
  4. wally-eye

    Putting floor drain in garage

    Ditto on the ceiling fan. I use one all winter. It's not the perfect plan, but it sure helps.
  5. wally-eye

    Feb camping show

    There was a lot last winter.
  6. wally-eye

    Should I keep my 5th wheel??

    I'm jealous. I wish I had your predicament. A lake home & a camper would be almost perfect in my world.
  7. wally-eye

    Best camping trip of the year

    Not sure if we have a favorite for the year, but the wife & I got out quite a bit. I think 9 times. Let me see if I can remember them all. Lanesboro, Hinckley, Janesville, Zumbro Falls, Redwood Falls, Red Wing, Upsala, New Ulm & Norwood. All good times. Probably done for the year now.
  8. wally-eye

    How do you know when your rear ATV tires need replacing?

    When you're stuck in the mud and your buddy drives past you?
  9. wally-eye

    Your favorite lawn chair...

    We bought a couple Cabelas anti-gravity chairs a month ago and we like them.
  10. wally-eye

    Looking for a camper?!!

    My brother has a Coyote by KZ which is the tent style hybrid. They do make the hardside one also that slides out the back which is more of a travel trailer with a rear slide instead of a slide on the side and it would be heavier than the tent style.
  11. wally-eye

    Looking for a camper?!!

    My brother bought a hybrid from Gag's in Mankato 3 yrs ago. His family really likes it. 3 queen size beds flip out. It fits his family well. I bought my 5th wheel at Gag's also and they have treated me well. Both are made by KZ and came with a 2 yr warranty.
  12. wally-eye

    Bunkhouse ATV retreat

    St Croix Haven campground by Hinckley
  13. wally-eye

    Chev Clubcab shortbox Pulling 5th wheel?

    I have a Ford short box and have to use my slider to be able to lower the tailgate to hook/unhook. Otherwise works just fine.
  14. We used to launch in Prescott, WI and you were able to park on the street, but that was about 10 years ago.
  15. wally-eye

    TV reception

    Don't forget to turn on your antenna booster if you have one.