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  1. black max

    Jigging Tip Up

    I saw them at the ice show and agree, they do sound loud and look like they are poorly made. I passed as I will bet many did, it is a good idea but I don't think that model is going to be the next big thing.
  2. black max

    Keeping Bait Alive

    I keep mine in a 6gal bucket with fish tank air pumps. I just keep them outside and change the water every other day. There will allways be a few that die but thats out of around 100 or so minnows in there. I can norm keep shiners a week this way and fatheads&suckers I keep for weeks at a time. I usually go fishing every weekend and its nice to not have to buy bait each time, but this year with this bad ice I haven't gotten out as much. As stated earlier, the key is clean and very cold water to keeping them alive.
  3. black max

    Forum Traffic VERY High

    I'm glad it's not just me. I have the exact problems that you guys have been experienceing. I thought that this problem was fixed allready but I guess not yet.
  4. black max

    Forum Traffic VERY High

    I have been having a hard time connecting and when I do it takes forever do down load each time I click. If you can get online before 4pm its not too bad but after that its hit and miss.
  5. black max

    Great X-mas gift but I need some advice

    I have a otter for my portable and wouldn't trade it for another brand. Like the preveious statement said the fabric is thicker and tougher, plus you get a ton of storage space in the lodge sled. I have had mine for 5yrs now and never had a problem with it at all.
  6. black max

    Aqua View Scout vs Flasher--Which to buy

    I say a flasher also. I just got a aqua view srt from my wife and it is great no dought. If I had to choose one for all around use, I think you can get more bang for your buck with a flasher. Later if you have some extra cash just laying around I would highly recommend the camera. The camera is really nice to have and you can learn alot from it, but I would rate it second to a flasher.
  7. black max

    New Lakemaster Chip

    I saw the lakemaster booth at the ice show and only remember a few new ones. upper red lake, big sandy, and bowstring are the only ones I can remember. They had about 15-20 new lakes they did this past summer from what I saw. I bought a new had held gps and will be buying the new chip when it comes out later in the winter for sure.
  8. black max

    ice auger size

    I run a jiffy model 30 with a 10 in. auger. It is a heavier auger no dought but I love it. I like to be able to look down the holes so I run the 10in. If you are just panfishing or like to do alot of hole hopping outside get a smaller lighter unit. I might get a smaller used one for just that reason to use in my portable, and keep the 10in for my retractable wheel shack.
  9. black max

    Choosing the Right Underwater Camera

    I recently picked up a Aqua view SRT and am looking foward to using it. It has the lights to use at night, but alot will depend on water clarity. I haven't used it ice fishing yet, but I will be very soon. I'll post how it performed after my 1st trip.
  10. black max

    Rattle Reels

    I have 6 lindells in my ice shack and have had them for 2 yrs now and love them, never had a problem with them once. I bought mine at the ice show and got a pretty good deal when I bought all six at once. They still are a little pricey compared with the ones you find in most stores but they are worth it in my opinion.
  11. black max

    Lake of the Woods or Devils Lake?

    I'll put my vote in for LOW also. I love fishing up there, there is normally plenty of biters around and it is just a great experience every time I go up.
  12. black max

    ND Snow Pics

    That really gets me in the mood for some ice fishing, just as soon as hunting is done!
  13. black max

    How do you check

    I also will go with a spud bar. if you can make two hits your safe uaually. Sometimes I will push my otter sled ahead of me also with my gear to test and if I need to I could jump in and prob use it as a boat if needed.
  14. black max


    I hunted up by pine city and it was slow for me. We saw alot of birds early then not many after shooting time. We got off a few shots and no birds to show for it. There were alot of people around us and most were sky busting on stuff that was 3or 4times out of the furthest range of a shotgun. I need to find some better places to hunt, all you do is scare the birds away for everyone and yourself when you spend all day sky busting on birds, but what can you do. Hopefully we will have better weather and better hunting next weekend.
  15. black max

    Recently caught a giant!!!

    Wild wings in Harris, mn which is about 45mi north of st paul right off 35. In my oponion the best taxidermist in the state, he will make your fish ( the whole fish, all sides) look better than when it came out of the water. I have had a few fish done there and highly recommend them.