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  1. I thought there was people fishing out there this weekend, no wheelers, but walkers. One guy was out by the light house....looooooooong walk!
  2. I have a buddy that is newer to the area, he's down in Melen. He swares that the whole town doesn't icefish . Do you happen to know of a BITE going on down there. It would have to be walking dist from the launch as he isn't mobile yet. ANY spot you could put him on would be GREAT...and THANKS..and I trust he wouldn't tell a soul-except, me of course.
  3. This would be a good post to keep up on TOP.. I was fishing on a SW metro lake and lost a Frabil tip up bag....I haven't lost much on the lake but, it just erks me that something so little could just dissapear on the walk back. IF I Find anything on the lake I will be sure to POST - Good Fishin....
  4. Anyone have any Ice/fishing reports south of Ashland? Here in the Metro I was on 5in of good ice (even with a full day of Rain) the ice was good and solid. The pike were in a Feeding Frenzy... Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the info guys..unfortunately I will only be up there for the weekend so theres not much time to experiment. And if the weather is nice..maybe we'll try the bay (14ft alum). Thanks
  6. I have a good friend that lives just south of Ashland. I will be visiting him in a couple weeks, can anyone point me to a good Crappie & Walleye lake? Any info would be appreciated
  7. I have a 95 ranger, it now tilts to the left on plane. I put a Hydro fin on the motor to get me on plane faster, it worked great. Now..1 1/2 yrs later I have a tilt..any ideas?
  8. I second that!! If Hummingbird gets a ice machine on the market that has side imaging, I think it would out sell ANY fishfinder in history! I know I will HAVE to get one. And I have a Lowrance 67c that has the flasher option, it really doesn't pick up your jig (no matter the size), so I would hope that HB did some better mods to there new series. Has anyone noticed this on the new HB's?
  9. Since I don't get out as much as I like, my sizes are probably lower than most or close to some others that get alot more fish time: Eye - 30" Pike - Over 42" Perch - (Caught many jumbos 12-14, over 14") Crappie - over 15" Sauger - over 19" Smallie - over 18"
  10. I have found the more stained the lake is the better the bite is during the full moon in the day and night, now add the fall bite and the Eyes are just stacked up...but where. Now ice fishing, this theory seems to work too.
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