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  1. Please post some pics if you trap any.
  2. I also quit using Pyrodex and went to the Hogdon, the clean up is so simple, 2 patches saturated with cleaning solvent and the barrel is clean, then 2 or 3 more with nothing on them to dry it, then one with some Bore Butter if I am putting it back in the gun cabinet for a few months.
  3. Curly


    100 grains is all you'll ever need for deer hunting in MN, definately is the most common load, just drop in 2 pellets. I quit using Pyrodex and went to the Hogdon and the clean up is much nicer, a couple patches down the barrel is all it takes. Good Luck.
  4. Curly

    Pain Reliever?

    One of my labs had to have a toe amputated a year ago this past August, she still limps on it a little, more so after a day in the field. I give her aspirin and it definatley takes the edge off for her, she will go from limping on it to not limping on it. I only give it to her on the days we hunt or maybe a day or two after. I'll give her one in the morning and one at the end of the day.
  5. Check out the one called a Skidplate, they sell them at Mills Fleet Farm I know. I don't think the dog getting too hot would be an issue with this one as I don't think it comes up around on the sides of the dog too much, just protects the chest.
  6. How about a good weather proof tent and a buddy heater to heat it with? You'll have a little extra gear to haul but it will cost you a lot less than a camper.
  7. VERY heavily hunted.
  8. Curly

    choke chains

    I would be doing it right now, I don't think 10 weeks is too young at all. I'm sure others would agree.
  9. I've asked a few vets that I know and they have always said they like Frontline better, but I'm sure there are vets that would say the opposite. As far as the ticks being stuck to your dog I would just leave them and let them fall off, with those doses of Frontline you put on you should not have anything to worry about. My neighbor is a vet and he says to just let them fall off from the Frontline.
  10. I agree that the groud force is not very comfortable. I have finishers and really like them, know people that use the sub and they like them as well. If you're intersted in a finisher blind check with Reeds, they usually have some deals going. Good Luck.
  11. Go to the ND Game and Fish HSOforum and you can look at maps that show all of the public areas in the state.
  12. Curly

    Ice Castle Houses

    If anyone has comments they would rather not post here you can email me at- brdmtrx at yahoo.com Thanks
  13. I've been looking at the Ice Castle houses, anybody have any opinions on them they can offer?
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