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  1. Thanks that is what I was thinking but you confirmed it. Options for si di in front and back would be a second ducer? With my v2 it probably isnt cost effective but, is that an option and how much more would that cost?
  2. Thanks for the help I think I might have stated the question wrong. I have the ducer in my I-pilot i dont have the link but You gave me the info I needed. I can use the 798 in both ducers.
  3. I am also looking at buying the 798 HD . I have the I-pilot link but need a little help on understanding the hook up. Can I just hook up to my link and I am ready to go. I also want to use when running at high speeds so can I hook up the ducer that comes with 798 to transom and switch back and forth between front and back?
  4. First thing I want to say is great job by everyone that helps put this hunt together. This was my son's last year for the youth hunt. We did not see any deer but still great time together and seeing volunteers from previous years. We talked with casino check point at 430 p.m. on Sunday and they had 8 deer registered at that time. And some cool stories about the weekend including the bear that wanted to play in the ground blind.
  5. I have hunted with youth and I hunt the the first ripley hunt 20th and 21st. The excitement level is so much more for the youth hunt mostly just hunting with my son , but you dont have the mass confusion in the youth hunt. They treat the youth hunters like there own. As far as hunting each year is different I have hunted different spots each time for youth hunt because of deer sign. You will not be crowded by people just do some scouting and enjoy the weekend.
  6. The youth hunt is all North of Casino. Excited and disappointment at same time this will be my son's last year for the youth hunt. Cant wait for it to happen.
  7. There are two different broadheads older broadhead with allen head and new broadhead with a threaded pin. I was able to replace the newer broadhead with threaded pin and now I am looking for allen head for an older broadhead. The newer broadhead was easy to replace. Tapped it out with punch.
  8. Fish Tales

    Boat Plug

    I did it twice this spring and it was time to try something different. I now put the plug on the transom saver wrap it through the strap that hooks on the saver. Unhook saver and plug is in my visual sight everytime.
  9. Adrian Peterson is a great RB he tries so hard to help his team win. I remember Tiki Barber having issue's then the Giants moved the position of where he carries the ball. AP needs a coach to adjust how he runs with the ball and not just have him carry it around and sleep with it for 2 days staight.
  10. What decides #1 seed if tie with same record. Conference record first and then common opponents 2nd. Third A.P. and Brees have at it 50 yard line neutral site.
  11. Nobody gets in free all vehicles that enter ripley after 5 a.m. pays a 10 dollar fee.
  12. When the wind is howling out of the nw my hunting partner and I have a good spot on the south side of a 25 acre woods. The deer always come out on south side because of wind protection there is very little of it. I went last night with my son and had 2 does and a 8 pt. year and half under our stand relaxed as if there was know wind. Son was upset thought of shooting 8 pointer but we will be at ripley next Friday for youth hunt so he wants to wait.
  13. JStorm I am interested could you email me your phone Number would like to talk to you. My email [email protected]
  14. Carl Pohlad may not even get to see the park he has wanted for so long, while the younger Pohlads get the rewards. As far as keeping these guys with the subtractions of other money you will see them in the new park minus Hunter. Unless he takes less money than he keeps talking about. M and M boys will both get long term deals. Liriano will have to prove himself next year with hopefully no elbow pain.
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