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  1. How about: Finally something to do while you're at work! Fishingminnesota.com
  2. Looking for a current report on ice condition for south center. What did yesterdays warm up do to the ice? Anyone see any problems with the permanents that are out there?
  3. rickmp


    I'm sure this has been discussed before, but thought I'd ask anyway....What's your favorite color, blade style, brand, etc. of spinnerbaits? And which styles do you like for different presentations (i.e. clear vs cloudy water)
  4. These are some of the funniest stories I have ever heard! Especially your CrappieTom! That's some good stuff....I'm still laughing!
  5. Tom, I use basically the same system as you do, with one exception. Instead of using a 5 gal bucket, I keep all my bags in one of those insulated lunch bags. People (especially my wife) always seem to get these from their employers for free and never use them. So I take them and store my plastics in them. Works great for me.
  6. Can I meet you there pikerliker?
  7. rickmp

    Best Metro Area

    Can't go wrong on Chisago!
  8. I concur! He's an excellent choice for a moderator!
  9. rickmp


    I also play on partypoker. Have played others, but always come back to partypoker. I'd be willing to play a home game anytime. I also agree with everyone about the 2-4 game at canterbury....it's just not worth your time! If anyone wants to get together for a game, let me know....I'm in [This message has been edited by rickmp (edited 08-20-2004).]
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