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  1. Timmy D

    Super glue? holding trailers or worms on hooks or jigs

    Deitz, wormdunker & RK, thanks for the kind words about the Hitch Series keepers! It is always nice to hear that these are helping guys save money and fish better. I was a super glue user before the Hitch Series Trailer Keepers - not any more!
  2. Timmy D

    Hitch series trailer keeper

    Sorry about being sold out. Tackle Warehouse completely cleaned me out last week. They seem to be pretty popular over there. Locally they were in a few stores, but they never took off in the retail setting so I have stuck to the online sales, but you could check with Thorne Bros or Joe's, they have stocked them in the past. Otherwise, Tackle Warehouse should have there shipment in now. Shoot me an message from my site and I will get you a sample from my personal stash to try. Like RK mentioned, I wont fish without them after seeing the benefits. Thanks for the plug!
  3. Timmy D


    "finding and fishing" deep water is easy - are you going to give up some info on "catching" in deep water?
  4. Timmy D

    Fluke Hooks

    I REALLY like the Hitch Series Keepers, too! If you want to use your wide gap hook, check out the Texas Rig Hitch. It will pin your bait to the hook. If you are going to try the swim bait hook with the cork screw keeper, attach the Trailer Hitch through the eye of the hook and it will keep the cork screw from pulling out of the nose of your bait. I agree with RK, I also like to use a small jig head and snap these around. With this application, the Bait Hitch Hitch will keep your bait from sliding down. I never throw any type of plastics without the Hitch Series Keepers. They save on the frustrations you mentioned with the baits sliding down the hook. They extend the life of your plastics, like Deitz said, saving you money and maybe more importantly,you will fish with more confidence knowing you bait is staying rigged properly. They have sure help me fish better!
  5. Timmy D

    And there off.......

    Yep - online for now. Boy-o-boy, Chris Lane is on a roll!! What a great start to the season he is having!
  6. Timmy D

    Jig Trailer--Chunk, Craw, Beaver, or none of the above?

    I like big jigs with big trailers - beavers and craws mostly - and like RK mentioned above, I am always using the Hitch Series Trailer Hitch on my jigs to keep the trailer from sliding down the hook, of course I could be a bit bias when it comes to those keepers Thanks for the plug RK!
  7. Timmy D

    And there off.......

    1st day of the 2012 elite series is in the books. Will the sight fishing hold up for all 4 days this time?
  8. Timmy D

    BASS Fantasy League??

    Nice start Deitz! Leading the league!
  9. Timmy D

    First one starts today!

    28 lbs for the lead - that must have been fun!
  10. Timmy D

    La Crosse

    Bassmasters are getting a little closer next season with a stop in La Crosse to fish the river. It will be nice to get over there to see that!
  11. Timmy D

    How long do you stay on a spot?

    I think I would have stayed If I have confidence that I am on a winning fish, I will spend as much time as I can there, especially this time of year when there are winning schools of fish swimming around off shore. At any time you are only five casts away from the winning bag, or at least that's what I keep telling myself! I could care less about weighing in a limit of small fish, just to say I caught a limit. I will always gamble on the winning limit.
  12. Timmy D

    New P/B

    That's an incredible day!!! Congrats!!! Your thumbs have got to be trashed. Oh ya, thanks for the text messages, it made it almost impossible to sit at work after hearing how you were doing.
  13. Timmy D

    Never Again......

    Nice job guys!! Sounds like a fun day and a great finish!
  14. Timmy D

    Sluggo and hook help?

    Yep, order online - - three different models for many different fishing situations, three different package size options, shipping is only $1.99 and will usually ship out the same day you order (when possible) Fished a small tourney yesterday and used soft plastics almost exclusively, everything from senkos, soft swim baits, flukes, jig worms, jigs, t-rigged baits and drop shots baits. I used the Hitch Series keepers on all of these and in most cases my original baits lasted the whole day. The baits didn't get worn and slip down the hook even after many fish catches, many missed hook sets and fishing in the weeds almost all day. At the end of the day, I didn't have that pile of dead baits on the floor of my boat and I know I was able to make many more cast during the course of the day. I'm very happy that something this simple can make such a big difference.
  15. Timmy D

    Sluggo and hook help?

    Hitch Series for sure!!!! As Deitz said, they work with whatever your favorite hook is and they work with any soft plastic bait. The Trailer Hitch is not just for jigs and chatter bait style baits, it also can be easily added to hooks with cork screw keepers and really help to keep the cork screw from blowing out the nose of your bait. If you're T-rigging a bait, the Texas Rig Hitch pins the bait to the hook and keeps it from sliding down your hook or up your line. I've been using them for a while and wouldn't think of throwing a bait without it being Hitch'd. You will be amazed at how many fewer baits you go through and how many more casts you are able make in a day.