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  1. I have an 8hp Mariner '82. Runs great. Oil changed and tuned this year. Interested in trade! Contact at [email protected]
  2. cherndog

    Houston County by tent

    irvingdog: I highly recommend Dunromin'Park Campground near Caledonia. A lot of us hunt turkey round there and last year our party took a 29lb'r. The owners are great. Look them up on the internet.
  3. cherndog

    Monster Musky - Caught 1/3/04

    Thanks for the great video. My boys were not into going fishing until they saw that. We are out the door in a few minutes.
  4. cherndog

    Ice fishing near twin cities

    Could anyone help me. I grew up in northern minnesota and have not ice fished around the twin cities much since moving here. I now live in Burnsville. Are there any good lakes to ice fish in the metro area? Be safe and hook'em
  5. cherndog

    Trout lakes in the metro area???

    Smellz: Where is the dock on Holland?. I live in burnsville but never realized there was anything in Holland. Thanks & good luck
  6. cherndog

    Favorite spinning tackle lures

    Anybody who was at the Annual Trout Open should have tried the Big Bowl or Super Bowl created by our friend out of Owatanna. My first cast was a hit and i've continued to catch trout with the BOWL. You can get them at shops in southeastern minnesota. Catch'm while you can!
  7. cherndog

    Caledonia/ Winnebago Creek

    Protrapper, thanks for the info. I went down there last year for the first time and caught a few trout during the Trico hatch. I didn't see anyone at all. This year I will have my kids so the spin fishing info is nice. Thanks
  8. cherndog

    Caledonia/ Winnebago Creek

    I am fishing Winnebago Creek this weekend and I am wondering if anyone can give me any advice on what type of stream it is. We are staying at Dunromin Campgrounds and I hear that the stream is very productive. I appreciate the help. Cherndog
  9. cherndog

    Float Tube Fly Fisherman???

    Protrapper, What a great story. This weekend I fell out of a boat on White Bear Lake. It was cold enough for the few seconds I was in the water. As far as the north shore I caught some steelhead years ago but have not fished up there since. I am picking up a float this next weekend. When and where on the north shore would you suggest? I would like to try for trout or salmon this fall. Cherndog
  10. cherndog

    Float Tube Fly Fisherman???

    I have not, but I'm willing to learn. I am a two year fly fisherman and want to try. Where in Minnesota does a person start fishing from a belly boat?
  11. I am very interested. Can we set a time for me to come and look at it. I will be down by red-wing 5/17. Thanks, Doug [email protected] or 952-484-0943
  12. I am interested in the whole package. If it is still available I am in the st. paul area and would like to come and look at it. Contact me at [email protected] Thanks, Doug
  13. cherndog

    Trout Day

    Jim: Thank you for Trout Day. I enjoyed meeting you and the other attendees. I look forward to bringing my boys down next year.