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  1. How would Chequamegon Bay be for a 14' boat with a 7.5 horse? Is it an issue of pick the day? Or would you avoid it? I am heading up that direction to stay at my future brother in laws cabin near Cornucopia. I will likely be bringing my buddies little boat. I'm looking to catch whatever. We had planned to do a day with a guide like Jim but work has been slow this moth. Any ideas would help. Thanks
  2. Any reports from this area? I will be heading up there with either a canoe or 14' boat with a 7.5hp. I'm looking for anything that will bend the rod.
  3. Quetico

    No More Minnows

    It doesn't surprise me that Gander isn't doing well. Like I pointed out earlier they have made some... shell we say business follies. What the heck does scuba have to do with Hunt Fish Camp? Does Stihl fit into Hunt Fish Camp? Then building stores around certain features only to remove them. In order to do being forced to do a massive remodel on building that's fairly new. Yeah sounds like a wasted pile of cash to me. They are starting to act like another outdoor retail chain I used to work for before that chain took a nose dive. That chain went out of business like 10 years ago. They should have kept the bait shop over some of the other follies they have committed.
  4. Quetico

    Tips for pond cats?

    McColl might have been a secret to some but I guess its not now that its all over the internet. The pond I am talking is far from McColl. Its not a metro spot. To despite the comment above there are decent cat spots not within the metro. There are plenty of cat ponds in this state. Just do your research and when you find one do be stupid and post it all over the net. Thanks for the info.
  5. Quetico

    No More Minnows

    That Sinclair used to be an amazing bait shop. We'd go in there all the time when I was in junior high. The old guy in there was always really good to us. I would welcome it becoming a new bait shop. A bait shop where u dont have to walk thru a massive retail store just to get some minnows.
  6. Quetico

    Tips for pond cats?

    Yeah this little pond is not near the metro.
  7. Quetico

    Tips for pond cats?

    Supposedly there are tons of smaller pans in there. I was told not to mess with crawlers or worms or smaller live bait. I was told the sunnies with harass you all day. Its not close to home so I'd like to make it a successful trip when I go.
  8. Quetico

    Tips for pond cats?

    Ok I dont fish cats ever. Never had the opportunity. I came across a lightly fished cat pond(channels) No motorized access since its a bit of a hike in there. Someone quietly told me they start biting out there right after ice out. I talked to a contact at the DNR and was told there are plenty in there. He said they have been dumping some monsters in this little pond. I have a few ideas, but not really sure what I am doing. My plan would be to drift around with the canoe. Use slip bobbers set low with chicken livers, cut minnows and maybe live fatheads. Better ideas? My concern with straight bottom rigs is the lake is fairly weedy. Any advice would be great thanks.
  9. Quetico

    No More Minnows

    Go to the Clark gas station just west of Cedar Ave and Old Shakopee Road in Bloomington. Great people, great prices and they always had a far better selection then Gander anyway. They guys in there said they bought a lot of stuff from Moore's Bait when they went under.
  10. Quetico

    No More Minnows

    Gander was always horrible for bait. That GM store is nasty mess. They keep changing it around. It started out with a pool for testing kayaks and canoes. They refused to hire <censored> to help customers with that. Their bait shop was always difficult expensive and their minnows never lasted long. Why put in a seperate bait shop door that was always locked? They carried scuba gear for a while there. They Stihl yanked their dealership license. Now take out the bait shop for a gun range? Ah another <censored>?
  11. Quetico

    Gogebic reports?

    Ok if i head up in a few weeks, should I borrow a snowmobile before heading up? By mid Jan I usually just drive the F-150 out. But I am far from the first guy to drive out.
  12. Quetico

    Gogebic reports?

    Thanks Perchking. A group of us is trying to decide where to go late Jan or early Feb. I would like to try Gogebic but some of the guys want to stay close to home and hit Mille Lacs. The perch still running a decent average size? Its a 6 hour drive from Minneapolis vs less then 2 for Mille Lacs.
  13. Has anyone been on Gogebic lately? Any reports? I might head up with a group in a few weeks.
  14. Quetico

    Shrub ID Please...

    Its indigo
  15. My 2 cents? Forget all the pre-treatment bullstuff. I did the giardea thing once, would prefer not to do it again. So I don't mess around with my water. I ponied up the big bucks and went straight to the .1 micron filter and bough a First Need. It takes your nastiest water and purifies it to crystal clear water with no scent. Yeah, its more expensive but water isn't something to mess around with. Water born illnesses can be fatal. A smart idea to be save- when in remote wilderness areas fresh clean water is a life saver. Carry emergency water purification tablets in your first aid kit in case your purifier is compromised.