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  1. After what seems like thousands of casts and hundreds follows, I finally scored my first muskie ever. It measured 44.5". The date stamp is wrong on the picture...it should read 6-17-06. I caught it on a chartruese Rad Dog Spinnerbait.
  2. West Battle...hopefully the fish will cooperate better than last year
  3. No. 3,4,or 5 mepps spinners plain or dressed, mepps musky killer bucktails, Northland Magnum Reed Runner, J13 Jointed Rapalas.
  4. Anyone cathing any pike? Had some friends go down a couple weekends ago and they caught some walleyes but no pike. I'm planning a trip to waubay in mid april and I was just wondering if the ice will be far enough from shore to fish the open water. Thanks for the info, walleye_dan
  5. I've also heard of putting a white or black balloon over the end of the muzzle to keep moisture out. You can shoot right through it just like the tape. I've never tried either, but if your barrel is cold I don't think the tape would stick to it.
  6. I bought a CVA sidelock (mountain stalker I think) a few years back from Bass Pro shops and I think I paid $80 for it. They don't sell them anymore, but this link takes you to the CVA HSOforum to a muzzleloader just like it. http://www.cva.com/products/sidelocks_bobcat.htm I like shooting traditional except for the #11 primers. My dad shoots an in-line and he said the 209 primers are the only way to go.
  7. I found this on the DNR HSOforum: http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/news/releases/index.html?id=1100034653
  8. How many hunters wouldn't go hunting if you couldn't shoot a buck during gun season? How many of you keep a limit of 4-7 pound walleyes? I usually release them so that someday I might catch a trophy. If hunters themselves can set standards to what type of deer they shoot, then the DNR shouldn't have to step in. There are trophy deer out there and everyone wants a shot at one. Hopefully there is a way to give everyone that shot.
  9. I was just reading the newspaper and there was a article about a DNR survey that was given to deer hunters. One thing that caught my eye is a lottery system for bucks. According to the survey 60% of deer hunters are apposed to a lottery system for bucks. I know alot of people that only hunt for bucks, and they would never go for something like this. I don't think it would be that bad of an idea. I was just wondering what other hunters think about a lottery system for bucks in Minnesota.
  10. My friends dad has a rack from a 10-pointer he shot with a rifle two years ago. He usually does an european mount to all of his bucks. When he was cutting the through the skull he hit a broadhead that was smack dab in between the antlers. The whole broadhead was in the skull and the tip was right between the two lobes of the brain. A bow hunter must have been right above him and probably had a little buck fever. He left the broad head in the antlers. It's a true one of a kind trophy, and one really tough deer.
  11. I have a 1 year old male lab/spaniel cross that doesn't get along with other dogs. I took him duck hunting last weekend with some friends, and one of my friends brought their yellow lab with and my dog smelled her and then snapped at her. We had to keep them apart the whole time. Another time he went after my inlaws poodle growling and barking the whole time. My wife has a male shih tzu and he lets that little **** do anything it wants to him and he has never growled or done anything. He has played with other dogs his size, but he only gets along with certain ones. What's the deal? Is there a cure for this? Thanks, Walleye_Dan
  12. I've heard stories about putting gophers in harnesses for muskies. I've never actually seen a gopher harness. I know there are baits that look like gophers at http://www.gopherbaitco.com/ and I don't think they would have baits that look like gophers unless somebody used them at one point. Have any of you heard of this before?
  13. My biggest is a 44" out of Lake of the Woods through the ice. I kept it for the wall, but If I catch anything over 30" , it goes back. I love big pike and want to keep catching them. I was out on a small lake by Detroit Lakes last saturday with a friend that has the special pike regs on it(anything over 24" has to be returned to the water) and we caught 10 fish over 5 pounds and 2 that were 32". It was a blast. It's nice to know that people still respect pike enough to throw the big ones back.
  14. DL is a great muskie lake. Me and my brother did great on DL last year. There are alot of Muskies in that lake. The only problem with DL is that by 9:30-10:00, the lake is so busy with speed boats and jet skis that it makes fishing a pain. That didn't stop us from catching fish from sunrise till 9:00. This year we are gonna try West Battle. We tried it last year and didn't have the greatest luck. Anybody have tips for West Battle? Thanks and good luck.
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