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  1. Thanks guys - that gives me a starting point. It's gonna be on the water a lot this week, so I'll see if I can run it out of it. If not, I'll give it a good cleaning afterwards. I've used non-oxy the past few years hoping to eliminate the gunking, but I'll check these other areas. Thanks again!
  2. I have a 1991 Suzuki 175 2-stroke. Still runs great (if not a little cold from time to time), but I've noticed that when I trim it all the way down it tends to bog and sputter at idle. It usually won't idle for long in this position before quitting on me. It's fine with throttle, and it's okay at idle when trimmed up a bit, but there's something about being trimmed down it doesn't like. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  3. Inevitably at least twice each season I will leave the house, drive 45 minutes and walk some of my favorite grouse spots for hours and hours, seeing nothing. Admitting defeat on that day, I will drive 45 minutes back home, only to find a covey of birds in the driveway...
  4. Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch Maker's Maker's 46 Bulleit Glenmorangie Highland Single Malt Copperwing Distillery in St. Louis Park has a nice smooth whiskey. Supposed to introduce a new bourbon in a couple weeks too.
  5. We did a bachelor party trip a couple years back out of Crane Lake. This is the only one I have experience with, so it may be apples/oranges when comparing to Vermillion. We can't control the weather and all that - so I won't comment on that. We had 5 guys and rented one of their fishing boats to pull behind us as well. We also did their meal plan, so they supplied all the groceries and that was all part of the price. The trip itself was a lot of fun. It's a unique vacation, and fun. I liked being on the water all day, docking in a different spot each night, having a bonfire and all that. We went all the way to the Kettle Falls Inn, had a beer there etc. It definitely lived up to my expectations. We didn't slay the fish, but then I was really the only angler in the group. I hit it hard one day with some success. When it was all said and done - with the houseboat, fishing boat, food, gas etc., etc....it came out to be about $700 per guy...for a 4 day/3 night trip. Not cheap, but not outrageous considering everything we got. In hindsight, I would have done our own menu and purchased our own groceries. I would also bring my own fishing boat. That's an overview - I can share more if you have other questions.
  6. Bought a ticket for Tron and walked into Fast Times At Ridgemont High.
  7. Thank you Walleyehooker - Yes, a flip top is what I was thinking. Just something for security and critters. In looking into things, it sounds like Triton's are highly respected, and aluminum seems to be the way to go. Thank you for the insight on a tilt vs. drive on/off as well. Appreciate it! t-lines
  8. Hi Everyone, Will hopefully be getting a new sled this season, but will need a trailer first. Disclaimer - While I have had a sled for many years, I have never had a "real" snowmobile trailer, so this is new to me. Looking for opinions from folks that have much more experience than me. Here is what I need: - I will be getting a long-track (154") sled (think Pantera Limited or Bear Cat XT) - We will only have the one sled, but I will also haul my portable fish house on it (Clam Yukon), so I will need a 2-place trailer. Questions: - What brand(s) / models would you recommend? Why? - Is aluminum the way to go? I don't plan on getting another trailer for a long, long time. - Tilt, or ramp? Pros / cons? - Salt guards are a must - right? - If this had to be stored out side for awhile, would you recommend a cover for added security? Anything else I should be considering? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. t'lines
  9. Thanks everyone - didn't mean to start a firestorm. There have been great points made, a few of which I had not thought of. This gives me a lot to chew on and I really appreciate everyone's opinions. Thanks again!
  10. Thanks Guys, great input so far. Lots of good points for me to consider. I'll continue doing my homework and talk to a couple local dealers I trust and see what they have to offer. In the meantime, please keep your thoughts coming.
  11. Hi All, I'm looking for some advice/info from those who know. I have an '09 Tahoe LTZ with 94,000 miles on it. About 3/4 of those miles are highway, and the truck is in excellent shape. That being said, this thing has all the bells & whistles and all the factory warranties have expired. My questions is: Should I be looking at purchasing an extended warranty, or should I dump some money in the bank and use that for any repairs that come up? I put a lot of miles on this thing so I'm looking at something like a 5 year/100,000 mile package. I've looked at some warranty packages and actually got a quote from AAA. I was disappointed to find out that, for this particular vehicle, they only offer their lowest coverage package, which doesn't offer very comprehensive coverage. They'll go the 5 year/100,000, but it doesn't cover much. What are some other reputable companies that I could look at for quotes? Are there options out there that I'm not thinking about? Any thoughts/ideas are welcome. Thanks all!
  12. Big +1. Had these installed on our house a few years back and it may be the best $$ I've spent...ok, well at least it was $$ very well spent. Get 'em installed and cross that task off your list forever. Never had a problem with them. Love 'em so much I called to see if they would make a trip up to the cabin...they wouldn't, but they gave me the number of a company that does them up there so we didn't hesitate to call and get them on the cabin too.
  13. True, Polaris doesn't even produce a true 500 any more..they're now a 550 or 570 and are available in EFI if he wanted to buy new. In the original post he mentioned that he'd be looking at a used model, so a 500 with EFI would be an option for him.
  14. I have a 500 Sportsman X2 and it's been plenty machine for me. I plow a few long driveways as well as a 1.2 mile stretch of road with it..never been a problem. The only problem is, when you get a lot of snow during the season, at some point you're not going to be able to throw it over the snow banks and you'll lose width on your driveway..but you will have that problem whether you have a 500, 800 or anything else. I also use it fishing, work around the property etc., never once felt like it was underpowered. IMHO - I'd get the 500 and use the money you save from buying the 800 and outfit it for your needs. From what you listed I'd get a gun scabbord, plow, winch, plow mount plate, windshield, bumpers etc. You could have a really sweet ride! Have fun.
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