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  1. Maybe we should all check out the post about Plano buying Frabill before we but any Frabill in the near future. Few things are more frustrating than inadequate customer service.
  2. We have had a Subaru in the family since our first wagon in 1984. Have owned a few Outbacks. Never a Tribeca. For us, there has not been a reason or family need that an Outback or Forester would not fill. I would not give up gas mileage unless I needed the capability in a Tribeca. That said, I don't think you can go wrong with either. The reliability that we have experienced over the years has been epic.
  3. Gut and clean in cold water. Dredge in seasoned flour. Fry in a cast iron skillet with bacon grease over a campfire beside your favorite trout stream.
  4. Heavy bench press is a staple of mass/strength building. As has been stated. It is a great compound exercise. Whether doing bench or overhead presses of any kind, a good way to avoid shoulder injury/discomfort is with pre exercise stretch and warm-up. The shoulder is a series of smaller muscles that will pull or strain without a proper warm up. I give another vote to reducing weight and keeping the bench in play.
  5. Back in the day when coffee came in a can and tp rolls were not double or triple rolls, a roll fit nearly perfect in a 1 lb. can. I've always used isopropyl alcohol. You can use the same set-up many times. You are burning the fumes not the paper. Used to have a small piece of wood, maybe 6X6, that we used to smother the flame. Really works great and stays lit in quite a bit of wind.
  6. I'll watch any of them if I have a the time. Buy I do like some more than others. Have to turn the sound off for Gillespie. Nobody should be that excited about a 20" walleye. I like that his show is regional and current. Midwest Outdoors is also good, but the comment about it being the same locations all the time is valid. I get the feeling that a good part of the motive for the show is comp'ed houseboat trips for the family. Furtman is good for being "old school". Just go fishing with a camera. Add in some 70's editing and transitions and there you go. I watch Keye's because I love muskie fishing. But, even though they say all the PC things and act that way on camera. I get the impression they would gladly nuke a baby seal for a hook-up with another big muskie. A bit of redneck in those boys. Bucher is so laid back and really tries to teach. Nobody can touch the Linders for production values.
  7. You MUST drive the "Going to the Sun" highway through Glacier Nat'l Park. If you get that close and don't do it, you are INSANE ! ! ! ! ! ! Plenty of info to be had once you get in the area. Lots of guides etc. BTW you can do fine with spinning gear. Probably better if you have no experience with fly gear. Roger
  8. My vote is for lint AND tree roots. For the lint, get your washer discharge covered with a screen, of your choosing, to catch the lint. If you aren't doing this you will be amazed at the amount. Not as much as your dryer catches, but a significant amount. For the tree roots, buy a bag of cheap rock salt. Send two cups down your basement toilet every day for a month, twice a year. If it is tree roots, know that if the city comes through with cameras, looking at your system. You will be replacing your waste line.
  9. As has been said, base layer is most important followed by breathable rain gear. I cool weather cotton kills. Treat your feet the same as your torso. Base Layer, insulation and breathable waterproof outer.
  10. Subaru's have had that sound forever. Have had a Sub in the family for over 25 years. They all sound that way. Next time you bye one at a light or in a lot, roll down your window and listen.
  11. Can my 16yo son get in with me and stay to watch the band?
  12. thanks guys. I appreciate the sharing of your knowledge.
  13. The indicator light for "O/D Off" or overdrive being disengaged is blinking. The overdrive is working and is disengaged when the button is pushed. It seems to just be the light blinking. The downside is, it's tough to know if O/D is on or off unless you push the button. Any thoughts?
  14. My two cents. Our family has had Subaru in the driveway since 1984. A 1984, 1990, 2000 and a 2003. All bought new. Can't beat them in the winter, we all know. But it is the reliability that has kept us coming back as other manufacturers introduce AWD vehicles. Nearly 700,000 miles on these four Subs and besides maintenance and consumables, we have replaced an oil sending unit, an injector, and one wheel bearing. That's it. No alternators, no steering components, no suspension parts. I don't know many others who have had such limited repairs on one vehicle, let alone four. Maybe we have been lucky, but the current Sub is approaching 100K and nothing.
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