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  1. Got to the cabin North of the Mille Lacs casino and realized my windshield on my golf cart was missing. It would be between Elk River and Garrison on 169. Anyone heading North that finds or spots one please contact me! I would appreciate it! 651-319-1047 Thanks!
  2. Does anybody know what price the Striker ice suit combos typically sell for at the ice shows? I remember seeing them at the St. Paul show, but don't recall the price. The Blaine show is this weekend and I would go there if they had the same deals.
  3. Wow! I wish I would have thought of that before I foolishly offered it for free! Good powerhead from a auger attached to a box fan with good blades? The Kansas City Royals sticker on the fan might have been a deal breaker.
  4. Two 14 inch wheels. Tires hold air but are junk. Wheels are good condition. Off of 2006 trailer.
  5. Anyone know what kind of addiction Edgar was batteling before he cleaned up? It's amazing to see the number of veterans explain how being a fisherman has ruined their home lives, but then welcome their young kids to follow in their footsteps.
  6. 75 wins for the Twins this year. The M+M boys power will return and give us hope for post season action, only to let us down in September and send us back to reality.
  7. Wisconsins waters and woods only because the shows are all recent.
  8. I am going to do this very soon as well. The rough textured white colored panels your probably referring to are called FRP(fiberglass reinforced panels?). I've seen it done at alot of commercial kitchens and other places to keep the walls clean. Very scratch resistant and clean easy. The garage would be a good spot for these. I've seen these panels at Menard s for $20 for a 4x8 sheet. These are thinner than a commercial grade, but the price is better and serve the same purpose. The adhesive trowels on like doing tile. You would need trim for the top and seams to make it look finished. If you can run a jigsaw, I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be a diy project
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