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  1. TRZ You dosint happen to still have the box for the box fan? I's am movin to the trailer acrost the street and cand't seam to fin my box for my box fan.
  2. ImissReeds I teach a reading program at PLHS and will take it, (if the admin will let me.) Thanks Chris
  3. " On the topic of my hunting land. It is a 300 acre piece of property in 3 different sections all meeting at corners. Surrounding my land is a very heafty amount of state land. I dont have an exact number, but Im etimating around 10,000 acres but definatly no less than 8500." Trust me, if you are in an area with deer habitat and 8500 acres of state land in Minnesota their are plenty of deer. Even if the DNR opened it up to "shoot as many deer as you want" during the hunting season, it would not decimate the population. There is a reason there ARE so many deer, "while we are at our computer bithching about the lack of deer" the deer are out there getting aquainted with the land(maybe nocturnally)so they know where every branch and tree is, no less a big orange blob with a gun.
  4. `I had a class at Bemidji state in which Woodman was also a student. Although I only knew him for a short time, it was obvious that he is a very special person that will leave us with more than he has taken. Chris Johnson(whitefish Lake)
  5. if all three are in good running condition I will take them . you can reach me at [email protected] thank you chris
  6. chris3

    Morel hunting

    Nate I am not a morel expert, but are the 2 you're holding up "false morels"? The pores look different and they don't look hollow. Did they have a cotten like substance in the stem?
  7. Call Danny Sayles at Cimaroc Kennels (Morris MN) I believe his number is(320) 589-3771 If this is not the number let me know and I will find it. My dad and I have both had dogs from him and they have been great hunters, but more importantly great with kids! I don't know if he has puppies available right now, but they are certaintly worth the wait. He is very picky (from what I have seen) on what dogs he breeds and puts up for sale. Morris, MN 56267
  8. I would say $8.00 an acre for hunting privledge and the opportunity to put stands up and camp on the property(during season and putting up stands) if this is possible.
  9. [Note from Admin] Please read forum policy before posting again Thank you.
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