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  1. ironrangegemneye

    7 Week Old Lab Issues

    My male lab slept with a warm water bottle under a blanket for the first couple of weeks we had him. He whined the first night but I tell everyone that the warmth from the water bottle comforted him. I highly recommend doing that to help them acclimate to their new home.
  2. ironrangegemneye

    Polluting pets: the devastating impact of man's best friend

    First global warming and now some goofball came up with this garbage. I guess if I get my second lab, I will really be doing irreversible damage to the planet!
  3. ironrangegemneye

    Rut???? What's the deal???

    Up near Hibbing I think the rut is in full swing where I hunt. I got my 8 pointer Wednesday morning. A doe came flying out of the woods with him hot on her tracks. The whole time he was chasing her, all I could hear was him constantly grunting at her. When i got down from the stand to go check him out, I happened to look at the woods where they came out, about 75 yards away. All I saw was a tail flagging away from me.....my guess is that it was another buck who was watching on the edge of the swamp and woods. We have seen 3 or 4 different bucks chasing does this past week.
  4. ironrangegemneye

    Cuts on Face

    Nitrofurazone is the name of the salve I was referring to.
  5. ironrangegemneye

    Cuts on Face

    My dog cut a pad on his foot pretty bad on Saturday. Does the balm for cow udders work for something like that? Somebody was telling me about an ointment that was not cleared for use on dogs but it was cleared for use on cattle for healing, and this ointment works great....the cruddy thing is that I forgot the name of it.
  6. ironrangegemneye

    I don't understand why dogs eat wierd things

    He has taken a couple of diapers, but so far has not made it that far. It is funny, all I have to do MOST of the time is telling him to heal, sit, hold, and then he will give whatever he has up. This did not work the other day with the squirrel though.
  7. ironrangegemneye

    I don't understand why dogs eat wierd things

    Well my lab ended up not going do-do the morning after eating the squirrel but did go at lunch and has been back on his schedule of doing so for the past couple days. Looks like he is going hunting with me this weekend We have a 3 month old baby boy and when we brought him home for the first time from the hospital, my dog Murphy ate the little baby hat from the hospital. The vet told me about the hydrogen peroxide trick and to mix in a little bit of water. That did the trick and the hat came back up....needless to say, we did not put that had in the clothes basket for another use by our baby.
  8. So last night, I was taking out the pontoon boat, when I look over and see that my lab has something hanging sideways across his mouth. As I approached, he slinked away and I saw it was a dead red squirrel. I got the e collar transmitter and had him sit but even with some electricity, he would not give it up. Instead, he chewed it up and crunched the bones and swallowed the whole darn thing. He did not dump this morning when I took him out for his morning walk, so now I am getting a little concerned. This is all I need two days before duck season starts.
  9. There is nothing in the 2009 waterfowl regulations about the use of wireless remotes for motorized decoys being illegal, but someone mentioned to me that they might be illegal in Minnesota. Does anyone know the answer to this? If it is illegal, I wonder why it does not state anything in the regs.
  10. ironrangegemneye

    placing decoys confusion

    funny, funny... maybe it is just my brain not wanting to think straight because I have the fever of duck opener this weekend.
  11. ironrangegemneye

    mojo extension pole

    I picked up a 10 ft section of 3/4 inch metal conduit and lightly hammered one of the ends so that the baby mojo post on the bottom fit better into it. I threw on my waders and went to a small lake near my house and set it up. That works perfect. I thought there would be some wobble in the conduit, but it was perfectly still. I highly recommend this $4.00 idea to an extension pole for the baby mojo. I hunt out of a boat and it is mucky on the bottom of the lakes I hunt.
  12. ironrangegemneye

    placing decoys confusion

    I have read the regs multiple times but just meant it would be easier to understand they stated something like "you can begin using motorized decoys on Sunday October 11th.
  13. ironrangegemneye

    placing decoys confusion

    ya, i know one of my buddy's has one and we have just always started on sunday.
  14. ironrangegemneye


    Ya that price is expensive and I am teetering on whether to get them or not also.
  15. ironrangegemneye

    placing decoys confusion

    On the lines of confusion, the part in the Waterfowl regs in regards to motorized decoys is confusing too. Does "through Saturday October 10th mean you can start using motorized dekes on Saturday or starting on Sunday? I just got my first mojo for this year's season.