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  1. Finfinder

    free river rock

    I still have plenty of river rock. I'll keep it until next spring if it hasnt been taken yet. Then I'll need to get rid of it myself somehow.
  2. Finfinder

    free river rock

    It is the smooth multi-colored rock. The pile is about 12 ft long,3-4 ft wide, 2-3 ft tall. If that helps.
  3. Finfinder

    free river rock

    Yes, I still have a lot left.
  4. Finfinder

    free river rock

    No bobcat, sorry. I moved it the hard way.
  5. I have quite a bit of landscape rock I want to get rid of. It is in a big pile at my house, you can back your truck or trailer right up to it. I'm in St.Cloud. 320-654-6802 John/Karen
  6. Very interested! Where are you located? I'm in St.Cloud. And could you send pics to [email protected] Thanx.
  7. I still have it. It will fit in back of your truck. You can call me anytime this week. 320-654-6802, John
  8. http://www.thinking-outside.com/SmartShedDeluxe.php Here is a web site that shows the shed. Mine has a brown (tan) roof. Oh yeah, it is made by Thinking outside the box. Not by Rubbermaid. HSOforum gives dimensions and different views of the shed, Mine is the smart shed deluxe.
  9. The inside is 6'7" tall. On one end there are double doors that open up. The opening here is about 6 feet. You should be able to fit both 4-wheelers if you drive them in the double doors and then slide them sideways. I'm not 100% certain of that though, never tried.
  10. It is apart now and I have the directions to assemble. It is pretty simple to put together.
  11. Maintanence free shed for sale. I got it at Menards 2 1/2 years ago. I paid $800,Sams Club also has it now for the same price. Mine is the same only it doesn't have the bay window. But it does have two sky lights, and several shelves, and five doors which any can be open or locked from the inside. There is no damage or cracks. Asking $450. I'm in St.Cloud. 320-654-6802 John or Karen
  12. I have a crestliner 2000 tournament,sc. I'm interested in the port console. I'm wondering if I could find a windsheild to match my driver side? Thanx, John