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  1. Gary Crichton

    Thanks for the Memories, KIrby Oct. .26,1991 !

    To bad is off field antics were not the best. There was a lot of places inside the dome where he was a bad bad boy so to speak. Not to mention Restrooms in niteclubs. But the guy could play baseball for sure. Always a leader of the game.
  2. Gary Crichton

    World Series Thread

    Money CAN BUY a championship. Everybody says how great the Yankees are, and there right, they are a very good team and they should be at the price. There average salary is over 7 million a player, while the Twins for instance a little over 2 million. Yes you have to spend it to get it done, but equalize it out and then let the games begin. A cap of 100 million lets say, and that is a too much, as no human being is worth that period. No luxury tax if you go over that amount. You cannot go over 100 million period. How good a team would New York be, having to cut over 100 million from their payroll. who would you cut. Another reason to have a cap is also for the fans in that state or city. I looked up World series pricing out of NY and Philly and there would be no way in he!! I and alot and I mean alot of people could afford to go. Prices start at 233.00 and top out at 15000.00. As we further into the series, and you want to go to game 7 if needed, pricing will start at 312.00 and top out at 99000.00. That is unbelievable, and out of hand. At those prices you will NOT see many kids in the stands. So put a cap in place and get everybody on equal ground and LETS PLAY BALL. IMO
  3. Gary Crichton

    happy b-day suew!!

    Oh Oh Glenn is in trouble now. Go Get em Ladies.
  4. Gary Crichton

    why anyone would want Manny on their team:

    Don't care, also in the top 2 worst players for a team.
  5. Gary Crichton

    why anyone would want Manny on their team:

    I would take 6 Nick Punto's over 1 manny. Why because in the 8th inning, I would know that they are on the bench and not in the shower. 1 person can not and will never make a team, Your right he is alot like T.O. Worthless as a TEAM player, with there motto being "ALL FOR ME.........."
  6. Gary Crichton

    happy b-day suew!!

    Good Luck with that one ULT. Happy birthday Sue. I wonder if Glennda will put on a show for your birthday. On second thought, maybe you better not. Have a great day and enjoy 50. It is all that bad.
  7. Gary Crichton

    Men vs. Boys

    I saw this while reading an e-mail, and I thought of Windy right away. Limit all US politicians to two terms. One in office One in prison Illinois already does this!
  8. Gary Crichton

    Twins offseason

    Like Zepman said "MONEY TALKS" If you are going to upgrade, your payroll will go up way to much for what you all are asking, and that will not happen. I believe 85 million will be our cap. Greebs, how much should our payroll be for next year. Zepman your first name wouldn't be Roger would it.
  9. Gary Crichton


    Hello Lady Lisa, I was wondering how you all were handling the H1N1 adventure at work. Good luck on that one. No H1N1 in our family, although wife has a sore throat and fuzzy feeling. Please hold off on the ice wishes for at least 2 weeks as I have 1 more open water trip to my favorite lake. Take care and say hi to Sir Jim.
  10. Gary Crichton


    It doesn't matter which way the calls go unless your keeping track. I just want to see the CORRECT call made. For the record there was NO consultation between umpires on ANY of those calls. Seems to me I have seen them quite often getting together and sharing opinions or views of the play in question. It is amazing that they interviewed Mcclennen or what ever his name is and he said that a player coming from 2nd to 3rd had a foot on the bag. Funny he was the closest one to the play and everyone else in the entire country, both teams and all the fans in attendance saw he didn't. Just say you totally blew the call and I failed to do my job correctly, and I should have checked with the other umps, since I was blocked by players and could not see that runner.
  11. Gary Crichton

    vikes vs pittsburgh

    I think that 60 minutes is to long for our team right now. They may have issues the next 2 games. I will take Pittsburgh. Big Ben is going to pick apart our secondary and it could get ugly.
  12. Gary Crichton

    why anyone would want Manny on their team:

    After reading about Manny's last act of stupidity. He gets pulled in the 8th inning, and LAD winning, he decides he has had enough and leaves the dugout with the game still going and takes a shower. He learns after the shower that they lost the game. NOW THERE IS A TEAM PLAYER RIGHT THERE. What a complete joke he is for Baseball.
  13. Gary Crichton


    Therefore instant replay should be allowed in so they can get the play or call correct. After all how many millions are we talking about. With all that money on the line, better get it right.
  14. Gary Crichton


    Sorry Snowman, you a little off base. I guess you can predict the future. I am glad I am NOT a Yankee fan, because I like to EARN my victory's, not BUY them. I can hear it now from yankee fans. Hey we bought another championship. What a joke, but if it make them New Yorkers and you happy what the hey. Bring ALL teams within 10 million of each other and lets see what happens. New York would not have a chance in He!!.
  15. Gary Crichton


    Dancing with the stars. Only you Big Guy. Snowman, granted it MAY not have had an impact, but who is to say for sure. What about next time and it DOES effect the outcome, then what. I am sorry but there is NO explanation that could be given for missing that call, NONE WHAT SO EVER. I would like to know exactly what his call was, why only 1 out after 2 tags on off base players. BRING ON INSTANT REPLAY........... Sorry but the umps are bringing it on themselves.