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  1. I'm not all that far removed from the old days, I guess. Compared to most I am still in the dark ages (both hard water and soft). I own few luxury items, but if I didn't have them tomorrow I would still go fishing anyway. I take a certain amount of comfort in not getting caught up in the restlessness of always trying to have the newest gadgets. That's not just in fishing either but across the board.
  2. You could spend $5.99 for a couple of Frabill shelter hangers... ...Or Zero, if you own a bungee cord and know how to tie a simple hitch knot.
  3. This was my experience also last year when I gave sinker slides a test drive. I had several incidents where my leader got tangled up in the slide. I wouldn't know until I hauled in, leaving me sitting there after each cast wondering if my rig was OK or not. Who needs that kind of anxiety when you're fishing? With that said, 100% of my catfishing experience up to now has involved casting from shore, and I'm pretty sure that the sinker slide tangles result from the physics involved in the cast more so than the current. Trolling or drifting on the St. Croix like Steve D. does, where a fellow could just let his line out gently (like some kind of a walleye fisherman), might be a different story.
  4. +1! Early '80's Jiffy Model 30.
  5. How is that first picture not your avatar by now? Great photos, thanks for sharing.
  6. No guts, no glory, man. Plus you get mad creds for being a maniac from your non-fishing friends.
  7. A few more photos: The underside: A better look at the rod holder: A better look at the deck:
  8. Hey there Slayer, yeah I have square tubes which helps. It's notched with just enough clearance so that it fits snugly, with the front notch angled to match the angle of the pole. The thing is secured with some flexcord (Got it out of an old tent pole)and a screw - same arrangement in the front. I'll try to get up some more photos but you can see the original article if you Google for "Mag's Side Baiter."
  9. Those are some nice fish - Great report, thanks!
  10. I wish that they'd show on stuff like that on these metro access cable channels.
  11. I own both. I used a flower for years with not a single problem. It's probably one of the most reliable pieces of equipment that I've fished with over the years. However, it is also one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment that I've fished with over the years. Because I'm bringing my seven year old son nowadays, I picked up the Big Buddy this year, for safety reasons. I had the same thoughts as nubote regarding using a rechargeable battery instead of burning through D's. Big C in Rogers sells a 6V rechargeable battery for $14.99 in their game feeder section. My float charger does both 6 and 12 volt, so no added expense there. I struck when they were on sale for $9.99, and by using a $10 off coupon that I received in the mail, I picked up my 6v rechargeable for $.64 after tax. So far I'm very happy with the cleaner & quieter burn of the big buddy. I hope to get many trouble free years of service from it, but my flower is still there in case I ever need it.
  12. Last season I saw an interesting portable shelf called a "Mag's Side Baiter," designed to work with flipover houses like mine. They were $15 a piece at the big 'C,' but it doesn't look like they carry them anymore. Instead of dropping $30 to see if I'd like them, I made a couple myself for the price of some scrap lumber, a little bit of hardware and an hour or so of my time:
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