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  1. Great bite this spring again. 98 bass in five days and 40 northerns. Fish are moving around quite a bit with the changing weather.
  2. Osok, It really depends on your target species. Lots of stained water flowages with logs so you know. I chase bass, pike and muskies mostly. Some musky lakes offer great opportunites for first timers, more numbers versus size but always fun. May bass fishing is tremendous and pike are active now too.
  3. MuntzAngling

    Muskie Expo this weekend,,who's goin !!!!

    Bigger is better.. .I'll be there, it's hard not to when it's in my neighborhood after all! Visit Brian, Brian and my other friend Bryan at the Lund's Fly Shop booth. We will be tying up hot rodded bucktails and muskie flies all weekend. Looking forward to the guest speakers as well.
  4. Weeds are just starting to get going with a few lily pads up on top now. Water temps over the weekend were 53-65 degrees. We landed 51 bass and a few northerns. Big bass were 18.5" and 19". Warm weather ahead for the holiday weekend too! [img:left] [img:left] [img:left]
  5. Time to start a thread for this great little flowage. Opener was tough for most with the ice being present for the second year in a row! Ice was 25 to 95 percent out over the weekend so we fished around the ice sheets. A short incidental muskie came early with a quick hot bite in the late afternoon for bass. I did land 6 bass with one being 18.5" and proceeded to park at a different resort than I started due the shifting ice on the way in! Still fun though. Sundays high sun during turnover did nothing good but warm the water. Things will be heating up VERY soon though!
  6. MuntzAngling

    Has anyone ever fished Rambling River Park?

    Is there a decent place to put a canoe in and out down there? An old timer I knew from Hastings always told be about the pike, trout and chubs in there he would catch. Seems pretty shallow where I've fished it just above the falls. I would like to try upstream of there.
  7. With national parks being shut down as of 10/1, I am starting this thread so others can know what's open or closed for water access. I assume main entrances and buildings are closed but please chime in on accesses within the St. Croix Riverway and rural Superior and Chippewa National Forest accesses as they may be in question.
  8. MuntzAngling

    Brook Trout crash course for early Aug?

    Try snap weights with a 5' length of line to the lure and slow troll. Locate fish with electronics and match the weight and speed. Small stickbaits, spoons and spinners all work. Rebel, Cicada, Creek Caster, and Little Cleos are my favorite. Bring a net!
  9. MuntzAngling

    Bass guy fishing for musky

    A Saint Croix Rod 6'6" with an Abu Garcia 5600 C4 spooled with 80 lb power pro is all you will ever need. Works in any size boat and gets the job done affordibly.
  10. I was out there a couple weeks ago during the heatwave. Water temps 80-85. Two tiny fish for a whole day of guiding. Unfortunately, summer on Moose is not easy fishing. Plenty of other lakes around there with not so dark water that are producing.
  11. There are plenty of guides up there for those species. Maybe try a half day to cut the learning curve. I guide and have fished the area for decades but I target muskie and bass so unfortunately can't offer much for this jigging quest Good luck
  12. MuntzAngling

    A Trout Angler's Creel

    I may need one of those creels. Also, I like put and take fishing in stocked stteams using selective harvest. Let them biggins go and breed!
  13. If anyone is thinking about going out deep for lakers on this slush ridden ice, I would recommend against it for the rest of the ice season. My group made it out Sunday, but warm temps made it worse while we were out there and getting stuck was the norm. The worst of it is between Red Cliff and Basswood Island and it's everywhere. Warm temps forecasted all week so be smart and safe folks! See you on the open water....
  14. It is February and hopefully time for the ice to lock up soon out from Bayfield. Anyone able to get out to deep water for lakers yet? MODIS imagery looks promising but I prefer a first hand report.
  15. MuntzAngling

    Another Mill lacs Giant!

    Awesome fish, cooler jacket and moustache combo. Christmas card complete!