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  1. icewoman

    Dog Pic

    Thought I would post a pic of my dog as practice for future posts.
  2. icewoman

    Flying with camera equipment question

    Ironic, I am leaving for D.C. on Monday! Your post answered many of my questions about flying with photo equipment. This is my first trip to D.C. and I am looking forward to it. To all that have gone before I would love your food suggestions. Staying blocks from the capitol but we are planning to explore as much as possible. I checked out Phillip's and that looks interesting.
  3. Looking for a nice place to ice fish in South Dakota. Looking for either day houses or a nice sleeper. Can someone help me with some options? Looking for either Central or Eastern S.D.
  4. icewoman

    South Dakota Ice Fishing

    I am looking to take a trip the last week of Feb. I would like to go to South Dakota, preferably the Eastern portion or maybe central. I am looking for a place that has very nice houses, either day house or sleeper. Any suggestions would be great. I have tried to " google " it but do not come up with many options.
  5. icewoman

    Night shooting

    One more question, what lens did you use for these shots? Any suggestions on which lens would work best for me from the ones I listed previously?
  6. icewoman

    Night shooting

    Wow, that is very kind of you. this is a great tutorial for me to follow. One thing I have realized is that my tripod is not as sound as I thought, it is moving which was part of my problem the other night. I also realize that even if I am out in the county my automatic pole light is going to be an issue. I will be printing off this thread and putting it in my bag.
  7. icewoman

    Night shooting

    Thank you very much,that is great information, just what I was looking for.
  8. I would like some advise on taking pictures of the moon and stars. Last night I went out and took some pictures and they did not turn out that great. I set my camera to the " bulb " setting and my ISO at 200. I left the shutter open for between four and 10 seconds. The star shots turned out better than the moon. I kept getting a red spot on the moon shots and it appeared the stars moved.....( do they move that fast ). I would like to try again. Here are my options for Lens's. Nikon 28 mm 2.8, Nikon 85 mm 1.8, kit lens 18-55 mm, kit 55-200 mm and a 300 mm Tamron. Which of these would be my best bet for lens? Also shutter speed and ISO assuming it is clear night. Thank you for any advise. I did use a tripod, remote shutter and I focused to infinity
  9. In the little falls area. I know of one in St. Cloud but no others more local to little falls.
  10. icewoman

    a few night shots

    The first one is great. I love the colors
  11. Do you know of any local photography clubs in the area?
  12. icewoman

    Some pics from the last few days ...

    spectacular pictures. I would love to have some like that of my springer.
  13. icewoman

    Spiders and Snakes

    Please tell me we do not have those in Minnesota!
  14. icewoman

    Lens essentials

    If I can kick this cold this weekend I hope to take some pictures with the new lens's. I have been doing a lot of reading on different settings for different situations and want to try them out...night shots with longer exposures, my neighbors halloween display and fall foliage etc...I am pretty excited. I love the D90 and what appears to be the ease of changing settings, MUCH improved from the D40. The continuous shutter is amazing. I tried to upload some pics from the Mac but it is to much for this foggy brain right now.
  15. icewoman

    Lens essentials

    Ok, Just so I get this right. I have to shoot with the lens locked in position. I can not change the aperture of this lens at all?