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  1. I figured this was the easiest place to ask you....I know in October you said on one forum the you got a Commando. What do you think of it right now? I have been trying to decide on getting one or not and have not found anyone except you who has gotten one. Up sides? Down sides? Thanks for any input!!
  2. Just get in touch with Stu. He will put you on those monsters. We have been up a couple times and each time we leave we want to go back even more. catsonthered.net Like I said Stu will take care of you. Also check out some early episodes of the In-Fisherman Ice Fishing shows. Stu and Chip Leer can be seen fishing Lake Winnipeg and Chip lands some brutes on the Red. Absolutly first rate place Stu has up there. See you in March!!(and god willing once or twice before that!!!)
  3. fish_on

    Mounting Fish

    Ditto. I would not have kept a 25incher, but if you want to toss it up on the wall, and are proud of it by all means let er' rip. Like stated above it is the story behind it that matters. Anyone can look at a big fish someplace, but it is worth it when you can look at it and say to yourself "i rember when that fish hit.........." Congrats on the nice eye.
  4. fish_on

    Maybe it is just me but......

    So basically what you are all saying is that I had no bussiness posting that and perhaps and losing my mind a tad bit. Good stuff and good luck to all!
  5. fish_on

    Maybe it is just me but......

    does it seem like most people who use Jiffy are also Vexilar guys, and folks you hae a Strikemaster are Marcum guys? Again maybe just me, but it is something I have noticed the last couple week out.
  6. fish_on

    Red River HAWG Update!

    I know all about it. We were up last year. This year we are fishing an extra day and 4 other people are tagging along after seeing our pics.
  7. fish_on

    Freezing holes??????

    I know a dash of olive oil keeps my holes from freezing when I am out in the open. Might want to try that.
  8. fish_on

    Red River HAWG Update!

    These are all from the river?
  9. fish_on

    Frabill Commando

    Thinking about getting one. Anyone have any thoughts or opinions about this product?
  10. fish_on

    It's HAWG time!

    So where are the pics? I would love to see them. It is a world class fishery up there and the fish are beautiful.
  11. fish_on

    Keeping wifes feet off the ice

    i prefer to use the kitchen floor
  12. fish_on

    Arctic Armor

    If anyone is on the edge, go for it! I had a tear in my jacket (my own fault), so I called the company. Short story shorter, they sent me a patch to fix my jacket no questions asked. Great customer service. Even better product~
  13. fish_on

    Strikemaster or Jiffy?

    For walleye and crappie go with a jiffy. Sucker and redhorse go with a strikemaster.
  14. fish_on

    Ice Armor Boots

    The cabelas boot is awesome. My feet love me for buying them!
  15. fish_on

    Arctic Armor repair???

    I tore it on a barb wire fence tracking a deer. I am shocked it did not rip more! If you are thinking about it, I would get a set. You will be more than happy!!