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  1. BigGrassBass

    How was your opener?

    The key for me was slow and super shallow. No monsters but the boy and I put 10 in the boat in 2 hours. Worms and twitching a rapala on the surface were the best things. As long as it was slow you were OK.
  2. BigGrassBass

    Need help from "Gamers"

    We decided on the XBox with the Kinect. Played for a couple hours tonight and that thing is amazing. I can't wait for other titles to come out. Thanks for all the help guys.
  3. BigGrassBass

    Need help from "Gamers"

    Thanks for the help guys. Online play is probably not something we'll be getting into, yet... I like the hunting, fishing, racing games. My wife is into all that sims, world of warcraft stuff. My son likes his Lego Star Wars games and Mario Kart. I'm thinking Wii might be the one.
  4. BigGrassBass

    Need help from "Gamers"

    My parents came up with the idea of buying my wife, son, and I a new gaming system. Which one do I go with? My wife and I are both 30 and our son is 9. I've been looking and I'm torn between the Wii and the XBox 360. The Wii is a lot of fun for the family with simple games and such. Plus I've heard the hunting and fishing games with special controllers are fantastic. The XBox doesn't seem to have that many family oriented games to play but it seems to have more choices when it comes games. More action, racing, etc. With my son getting older this might be a better fit. And if we get the new Kinekt thing that could be a whole new level. So, I'm looking for those of you with a little more experience than me to either help talk me into or out of something. Thanks for the help. BGB
  5. BigGrassBass

    Shelter Liscense Regs.

    I only fish out of my portable and I take it with me every time I leave the ice. Do I need a shelter liscense? The regs in the book are a little difficult to understand. Thanks, BGB
  6. Wow, no one said Toilet Paper yet?!?!
  7. BigGrassBass

    Eary Season Regs. Question

    Yeah, I wasn't going to mix them in with the honkers but rather put them 60-70 yards down the shoreline. That's what I'm seeing on local ponds now is groups of ducks and geese about that far apart, and I'd like to replicate that, if legal.
  8. So, if I'm hunting early goose on water is it OK for me to also put out some duck decoys to make my spread look realistic? I'm thinking it's probably not a good idea as a CO could see that as "intent" to shoot ducks. What are some of your thoughts? BGB
  9. BigGrassBass

    Fishing a new lake, where to start?

    I'm a spinnerbait guy. Especially on small lakes you can cover a ton of water in a hurry and learn the lake in a short period of time. I start on the deep weed edge and cast in. Make a mental note of when/where you get bit and then you can always go back and slow down to get more fish. I think you waste too much time with the slower presentations. First trip should always be a searching/learning thing. Then ramp it up from there.
  10. BigGrassBass

    Biggest bass you ever caught?

    6lbs. 10 ounces. Caught on a 5 acre pond in a WMA. I was hunting the week before and noticed panfish in the shallows. I decided to bring my gear with the next time and got several 2-3 pounders and that one giant. Unfortunately the fish got hooked in the gills and I had to take her. She now hangs above the fireplace. However, I went back the next spring and the pond had a total winter kill. So, I didn't feel so bad.
  11. BigGrassBass

    Why is Punto in the Majors still?

    For all you haters...Punto is 5th in the AL All Star voting as of today. He's the 5th best Third Baseman in the AL!
  12. BigGrassBass

    Opener Destination?

    Waconia for me. Unless its windy or there is lots of boat traffic. Then I'll just hit one of the smaller lakes in the area.
  13. BigGrassBass

    Do you use steel leaders?

    If I'm using cranks I like to tie up to a flouro leader. It seems to handle the teeth of a pike for the most part. And as always, check your line after every catch/snag.
  14. BigGrassBass

    The Greatest Video Game of All Time

    For me it's Baseball Stars for the origional NES. We had seasons with all the kids on the block. We killed days, not hours playing that game. "When ins't it?"...remember that one?
  15. BigGrassBass

    Hub Style Floor??

    I have a 2x2 foot section of 3/4 inch plywood. I lay that down to put my feet on and there is no problem.