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  1. This is a joke right, if its about Timber Rattlers? This would be HIGHLY illegal.
  2. I pulled in a field drive today, took a step out of the truck and almost stepped on one. upon closer inspection found 35 around where i parked in the grass. that was only the beginning. Got into some giant yellows and ended up with 11 lbs on the day. All still good too. Southern half of state.
  3. anyone with a 6/7 please chime in. I probably just haven't fished with it enough yet, but what settings do you use to get the clearest possible picture? I went from a 5 to a 6 and almost regret doing so because of the SFL on the 5. I try messing around with sensitivity and target adjust but haven't found the best combo yet. usually im fishing 20-30 FOW. Is it just the digital display that it seems to bounce around way more than the 5 did, or what might I be doing wrong. I love dynamic depth and the auto depth range and the silence, but miss that my picture isn't near as clear as it was when i had my lx-5. any hints would be great-miss being able to tell about right when i was going to feel a bite.
  4. Love it. digital display is great and zoom works well. got its first big test last weekend and came in very handy. your lx-3 will catch you just as many fish, but if you want to upgrade in the capabilities and features, I'd go for it.
  5. I've loved the product, but the business practices were bad BEFORE the flood. I've spent hours on the phone since they've taken over trying to explain that I'm not paying twice for my hide. How did I have receipts but they couldn't track them down? I've believed in the product and given them a lot of money over 20 years, but the problem lies somewhere in the business practice. I hope they can figure it out because I've been saving hides to make jackets for my girls and will have to look elsewhere to get them done. It was nice having them close to home. Also they don't just have hides. I feel bad for the situation, but they also over the past few years have made everyone pay 1/2 up front. So really they have customers hides, cash, and memories. A courtesy letter or phone call would have went a long way, but I never got one.
  6. Marcum LX-5. 2 years old, only seen the ice a dozen or so times. Baby number 2 is on the way (within days). Unit is in great shape and looking for someone who can get more use out of it. $350 OBO. Located in Lonsdale, MN (just south of the metro). 3/4 inch target sep, adjustable zoom, SFL, dual beam transducer, you all know the specs. PM me or respond if you are interested.
  7. Is it fair that one player gets to cheat because of a technicality? either make him serve the due suspension, or just make PED's legal.
  8. a few days later and i'm still not sure if what webster did is more or less embarrassing than robert smith running out of bounds.
  9. Liking Pek's game more and more. he really stifled Bynum and whoever dare get in his way. http://www.canishoopus.com/2012/1/28/2755605/wolves-with-sheeps-clothing
  10. Quote:Where do you have Ellington in this mix? he needs to be in that mix also IMO.Also what about JJ? you'll have to forgive me, I don't get to sleep from Fri morning until Sat night. Ridnour can be either great or awful, in a perfect world he's moved with Beasley and or utah/mem 1sts. I'd insert Barea as Ricky's backup (not really a fan of them on the court at the same time for defensive purposes. If beasley is moved I'd have Ellington be the primary backup to Webster and let Johnson try out the 3 as a backup. but its all subjective, its just fun to be able to watch games again
  11. haven't contributed to the thread for awhile, but a few things: 1. Ricky Rubio would be the starter at PG for the all time Wolves team. As much as I'm wrong about a lot of things, I nailed this one. When all the media wonks were labeling him a bust before playing in the NBA, you could see in his game that he was being used wrong, and that he'd fair MUCH better in the NBA. He has. Kevin Love is the best player we have, but Ricky is selling tickets. He'll become the most popular athlete in MN in a few years. 2. Pek-Smash should start. his footwork is great and his defense is better than advertised. he's also not afraid to pass out if the shot isn't there. No center wants to play against him based on his brute strength. He should start every night. I like guys that do the dirty work and go unnoticed. He's quickly becoming my personal favorite (non-rubio) player. 3. Michael Beasley tried to lose the game by being....Michael Beasley. He has no idea what we are running out there. Can't pass and quite frankly can't shoot. 4. If Webster can stay healthy, Wes can relax a little. leading us to a lineup of: Rubio/Ridnour Webster/Johnson/Lee Williams/Beasley Love/Tolliver/Randolph Pek-Smash/Dorko all of a sudden our starters and bench become formidable this year. upgrade SG next year and we're back. 5. I'm struggling deciding between Pek-smash and Peksquatch. the bulldozer one they use on FSN doesn't really do anything for me 6. Statement game Sunday: lakers play tonight and are 1-6 on the road. Beat the lakers to get to .500? Target center will go nuts.
  12. I had to say goodbye to my pheasant buddy this summer due to Lymphoma. It sucks. But we enjoyed our final month together and spoiled her rotten. Even on the day when I knew the next would be her last she wanted nothing but to chase the ball. Pheasant season wasn't the same this year. I was devastated because she was 5 and should have had nearly 10 years left in her. good luck and just keep her comfortable.
  13. golden retriever. right now she's almost 9 weeks
  14. I'm no expert, its been over 5 years since I've dealt with pups or training. I just brought home my pup two nights ago. We are doing very short sessions on very basics (name). Any recommended books for basic dog training? books/videos for upland training? when to start? I'm no expert, my last dog genetics did the work, but I want to do a better job this time around
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