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  1. NE has been snow free for weeks. Drove to Norfolk from Yankton, then up to Niobrara and back to Yankton yesterday. LOTS of canadians, but there are a few snows around too. Just the leading edge of whats to come. Thinking a week, maybe 2.
  2. First flocks just hit Yankton at 4 this afternoon...man this seems early.
  3. As of today, the snow line starts just to the south of Norfolk, but by the end of the week the fields in Nebraska should be clear of snow and even into SD, I'm guessing as far north as 18. Gonna be in the 50's all the way till Friday, so lots of melting going on. My guess is that they are gonna move through Nebraska REALLY fast if they even stop at all. Lets hope we get a really distinct snow line in SD this year, could be fun.
  4. Guys, I travel down I29 to Omaha and then over to Lincoln twice a week, so as soon as I see birds moving in, I'll post a report. Its getting close! Will be in the 50's here in Yankton pretty much all week. Hoping they come through here this year like they did last.
  5. Wait for the next warm spell and bring your boat! Have been doing quite well below Gavin's Point dam all winter. Should only get better all the way to spring. It's usually bumper boats, but everyone is pretty laid back and respectful.
  6. Looking forward to your reports. A bunch of us will be going up next Thursday and staying at West Bay as well. First time there and sounds like we picked the right place. Good luck and leave some for us
  7. I do not know anything about the permit situation since I'm not running the show. It is being put on by a local St Cloud league, we have just been invited to participate.
  8. Guys, As one of my last duties as LETS director, I have secured LETS in a chance to send representitives from our league to Fish Bowl 2005. Fish Bowl 2005 brings together the top teams from a number of different Mid-Minnesota leagues, all of which are multi-species. It will be a little different from LETS being that they will use a measurement scoring system and fish limits may be a little different. I'll get more info on that when I find out more. We can send our top 4 teams to this event. I'm already fishing it through my weekly league with Captain BRK, so if Deitz wants to go with another partner that option is open. The entry will be $5 per person, it is multi-species and the lake will be determined in a couple weeks through a hat-draw. We will need to come up with 2 lakes that we have not fished nor any other league in attendance has fished that is within 75 miles of St. Cloud excluding Minnetonka and Mille Lacs that will go into the drawing. It has to be large enough to have 20 boats on it. There will be 20 teams in this event. And the date will more than likely be Sept 10th, and will be a 6 hour tourney. So I need to know if any teams want to go to this and if so, what lakes should be submitted. I do not think it needs to be the "top 4" since some teams will not be able to make it. We could even just send 1 or 2 if that is all that is interested, but if there are more than 4, it would come down to final LETS standing to determine the participants. Any takers?
  9. Ok, Just to debunk the "More ducks 20 years ago" mantra.... Straight from the USFWS HSOforum- Breeding Populations: in millions Species/1985/present Mallard/4.9/7.4 Gadwall/1.3/2.6 Widgeon/2.0/2.5 GWT/1.4/2.5 BWT/3.5/4.5 Shoveler/1.7/3.6 Pintail/2.5/2.6 Redhead/.57/.60 Canvasback/.37/.52 Bluebill/5.0/3.4 Total/23.24/30.22 Yep, a lot more ducks 20 years ago!!
  10. Hunting was awesome 20 years ago? That would have been the late 80's right? The duck numbers during that time were at their lowest...Can't you remember 3 duck limits? I sure can.
  11. Windy, Windy, Windy..... Yea, the Sox won tonight...The RED SOX that is...LOL...Thank you Manny!!! And your STALE HOSE are going to drop the next 7-8 games....never thought I'd be rooting for the Yankees!!! Your boys better heed old Satchel Paige's advice..."dont look back, something might be gaining on ya"...and that something is the TWINS!!! And you can put THAT on the board!
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