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  1. When archery hunting turkeys do you have to apply for a tag or can you buy one over the counter?
  2. When archery hunting turkeys can you buy a tag over the counter or do you have to apply for archery also?
  3. Is it legal to use your bowfishing set-up in a spearing house? I'm guessing it isn't but it would be fun if it was. Thanks
  4. I had one fellow hunter tell me he took his ladder stand and mounted 2 bicycle tires on his and wheels it around. Then if he gets a deer he is allowed to put it on the ladder stand and wheel it out.
  5. Was on a lake in ottertail county by Fergus last Sunday and was able to drive out.When I left I pulled forward only to have one of the front tires drop about a foot and a half before I hit the second layer of ice. Got out of the truck to see howbad it was, the back tires where still on top so I threw some gravel under the tires to try to get out, as I started to back up the rest of the tires dropped down, I was screwed. I left the truck and started walking at 7:00 p.m. got to friends house at 9:00pm. Drove back out there thinking we would pull it out but decided not to get to close. So we beat the **** out of my truck, and pushed a lot of slush out of the way, and had it on top of hard ice by 11:00pm. We were fishing in a spot that had been fished a lot so it had flood and refroze. People out away from me had no problem getting around.My driving on the lakes is done. Can't wait for open water.
  6. I have a fish house on wheels and was thinkig about putting it out for the first time in about 4 yrs. I see they now sell a 3 year shelter license. My ? is do I have to register the fish house and get a trailer license? It is not used as a trailer in any way, it is just a basic fish house, you haul it to the lake take the wheels off and fish. When done put wheels back on and pull it home.
  8. My kids grow pumpkins and sell them every fall.We had about a 10 to 12 left over sitting on our deck, so I brought them down to the garden last weekend before they got real mushy.There have been deer down there every night eating on them, they really like the insides.
  9. My daughter (11 years old) has been taging along bow hunting for the last 2 years,I took her duck hunting Sat morning for the first time. She had many ? and kept the dog company when things were slow.She wanted to go Sunday but ma wouldn't let her, she had sunday school. This is when I got a little upset. Went and met a couple friend Sunday morning, the one guy brought his son, I believe he is like 8 yrs old and I now him well.So I am getting ready and I am about a 20 yrds from were the dad and son are. The only problem is the son is by my side the hole morning (don't get me wrong he is a great kid and I do enjoy talking to him) but should this be dad and son time. The dad decides he is going to the otherside of the slough and leaves his kid (gone about 1hr 15 min). I also see the child at time must be 25-30 yrds away going through cattails. Not ounce did I here his dad call to him to get back.I really enjoy the time with the kids and had no problem with him there I just wish dad would have took a little more control.
  10. You find a lake full of fish, eye's, perch, slimmers. You go out to fish not a lot of traffic, then the next time you go it is plum full of people. You see people taking a limit of fish leave then come back that same day to take more.Then you see them on thier cell phone calling all thier friends. They do this all weekend. I understand this is public water but can't some people keep a secret.Rip me if you want but this has happened to a few lakes I know.They get fished out in no time.What happened to catch and release.I keep 2 meals of fish in my freezer when I'm down to 1 meal I'll go out with the intension to keep one meal.Can't a person just fish for the fun?I live by this lake and watched it escalate from the start.
  11. Took off last Wed. and Thurs. for bow hunting. Went to some public land Wed. for the hole day and saw 2 deer, 1 in my truck to the spot and 1 in my truck on the way home. Thursday I decided to stay home, I had to drop my daughter off at school in the morning so I decided to go on the back side of my property. I have a little over an acre of woods along corn field. It was about 7:00 A.M. when I saw a deer cross from the corn field towards the woods.I could hear him but couldn't see him. Ten minutes went by when I got my first look and new it was a buck.It ended up turning and walked within 20 yrds.I pull back , had in my sight and released. Watched the arrow disappear, perfect shot. It took a couple quick steps then walked mybe 25yrds and fell over. What a rush, put gun hunting to shame. Ran up to the house told the wife and kids I was so pumped. The daughter wanted to trail it even though I new where it was we still did.It was a descent 8 pt. about 170 to 180 lb. buck. This was my first year bow hunting, and have put a lot of time in (at least 2 to 3 times a week). I had a lot of deer within shooting range early this year before duck opener but was a little to warm to leave a deer hang to long without cleaning it, but if a big buck would have come through I would have made time to clean. Bow hunter for life.
  12. I have a scrape line running along a strip of woods with a corn field on the otherside. I have found three fresh scrapes along here and was wondering how a guy would work this? With scents Without, and so on?


    With all the excitment of duck hunting this weekend, Sunday was a mixed bag. I was able to introduce my 9 month old lab to duck hunting and she did a wonderful job. That same day in the afternoon I lost my 14 year old retriever/lab her name is Indy, my hunting partner. It was probably for the best, with winter on its way.As I was sitting there with her you remember all the good times. One story that will always stick out. We were duck hunting public land when someone asked if I cared if they hunted the other side of a pass I was hunting.He had shot a duck down and his dog didn't want to go in the water and get it.Indy seen the duck go down and wanted to get it, I told the guy I would send Indy out to get it.She brought the duck back to me so I told him I would give it to him on his way out. When he was leaving I gave him the duck and he put it in his duck pile. We were talking for a little bit when I saw Indy go over to his pile of ducks to pick up the duck I just gave him and brought it back and put it in my pile. Left the rest of his duck alone.There are so many more good thought and memories.I was sitting by her and didn't no what I wanted to say.She was always there by my side.Fishing off the dock there she was,mowing the lawn she was always in my path (I think she did that on purpose). I had to slow my walk down a little so she could keep up but she was always there. Even at 14 she would play catch with my daughter. It kind of feels like she made it to this years duck hunt saw that the young black lab did a good job so she passed on. I will miss her dearly. I keep looking for her in the yard but shes not there, just in my heart.
  14. 1st year bow hunting, got out Sunday evening 1st time.Have duck hunted this area many time but wasn't sure were I wanted to sit.Learned some valuable lessons, 1st come prepared (forgot flashlight, something to sit on). 2nd was walking around looking for spot to sit ended up kicking a nice buck up and doe (go in sit tight, don't go walking all over).Finnally got set up, at about 6:30 saw a doe about 100yrds away watched her for awhile then turned to my left to see a 4 point buck standing 50 yrds away. He knew somthing wasn't right, he was smelling big time but didn't leave, watched him for 5 min. Turned to my right, there was a yearling 10 yrds away playing and big doe at about 20 yrds. They had no idea I was there, the yearling ended up running right past me within a foot I thought he was going to run into me. The doe ended up walking to within 5 ft of me and then noticed somthing wasn't right and darted back out into the field, stop 15 yrds away, (I still don't think she knew what I was). In the meantime that 4 pt buck is still just watching. I was ready to shoot the big doe but desided not to, thought it was the 1st day, 1st time. Watched the doe and buck for about 5 min. as they slowly went into the corn. As I was walking back to the truck I ended up kicking a 6 pt buck up. What a rush, I am hooked for life. Will try to get back there before duck opener when the area will get trampled pritty good for a few days.Maybe screwed up by not shooting but just watching them was well worth it.
  15. I don't know where I stand on this, it is pretty funny listening to it though.They are not giving out GPS sites so you still have to do some looking.If they are such hot and secret spots how does a guy like PA get them.
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