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  1. Not the same motor, but I'm quite sure the F115 on the boat I sold last year had at least that many hours. It was an 02. It still ran perfect, never a problem. I know of quite a few very high hour 4 strokes still running fine. I think I would want a usage map and a good checkup on a big block, high hour motor. There should be a good discount for the hours, I expect. That would be a nice combo. L-O-W sure eats up hours and miles.
  2. I know of 2 others who had the software update last year with no problems this year and several others that didn't have the problem period. Hope you are done with your troubles. Your experience at the dealer sounds like you need a different shop. Last year, being the first time doing the update, I was probably at the shop for 10 minutes max. THis year, I didn't have time to finish a cup of coffee. I wouldn't be very happy with your experience. Too weird.
  3. For what it's worth, I never ran E85 either. The sensor is in the tank and determines the percent of alky. My tech told me the sensor works fine, the main computer needed the new programming. It seems I had the first and only problem in my area last year (truck is a 2012). The tech applied the TSB software update and it was fixed....until this year with the first cold spell. Back in and the update was applied again. Fixed. I was told that last year the update likely wasn't completely installed. Whatever. It was annoying, but the truck is perfect again. I do hope it doesn't act up again next year even if it only takes a minute to fix. This is my third Tundra and first hiccup of any kind. You shouldn't get any guff about getting the TSB installed. If you do, maybe go to a different dealer.
  4. There is a TSB to fix your problem. Some of the flex fuel engines are affected, most not. Mine was....very annoying but the fix only takes a minute when the tech hooks up his computer and does the TSB.
  5. I have a 2012 xcab 4wd and no problems. It tows very well but does shift a lot to stay in the max power range. I spoke with a Toyota engineer support person about the shifting and was told it was designed that way and not to worry....the Tundra tranny is very stout. If you can keep your foot out of the gas, mileage can be pretty good. Like most trucks when you get over 60 the mileage starts down. I get 12 - 15 towing a 621 back and forth to L-O-W. On a 2400 mile trip to Saskatchewan the average was 14.98. Had a stiff headwind for the first 800 miles and a few hundred miles of dirt roads, fields, mud etc. I find the seat in the 2012 to be very, very comfortable for highway trips. I had two first gen Tundras and they were very "refined". Very smooth, very nice ride, also no troubles of any kind. Pulled a Yarcraft Storm very well, but not like the 5.7 in the second gen trucks. I had an 08 Sierra in between and that was a good truck too, but I'm happy to be back in a Tundra. Zero complaints.
  6. I had the CTS Coopers on an 08 Sierra. Very quiet, handled nice, fair traction on snow and ice, wore ok. I wouldn't go with them again as they just weren't good enough on the lakes in the winter. My Tundra has Hankook Dynapros. Great winter traction and still quiet. Seem to wear well too. Only had them a year, so time will tell.
  7. Long story short..returning from Saskatchewan in Oct, found a great deal on a 2012 Tundra in Minot including big trade in on my Sierra. The Tundra had new Hankook Dynapro ATM's. Had Hankooks on an Avalon once, but their truck tires were new to me. They looked fairly aggressive but are quiet and nice riding. Last weekend on Red was the first time in the deep stuff. The snow is fairly deep near any rough ice but I was really impressed. The tires would break thru the crusty stuff and just keep going. With the Firestones on my Sierra I would not have gone where I did. NO idea how they will wear but for now, nothing but good. Anyone else running these?
  8. srj

    Advice For Plowing

    The first winter I plowed with my wheeler I learned something important---push the snow a lot further than you think you need to. Once you get a plow bank established, you can't move it. If we don't get much snow the rest of winter, no problem. If we do, you will be glad to have your banks away from your driveway. Also, the advice about not letting the snow get way deep is right on. A couple 4-5 inch plowings are lots easier than one 8-10 inch. I still find wheeler plowing fun except when it gets below zero.
  9. JB, one of the most gorgeous places I've ever been. Onaman is way up the NE side, a long pull. I haven't been there in quite a while, but here is what I found. Not many ways to access the lake, pretty much a couple spots on the east side, and South bay. We stayed at an old resort on the long, narrow bay on the SE corner. Decent and cheap. At the time, I had a Yarcraft 1781 w/60 tiller. Folks considered it a rowboat. Nipigon is huge. And very open. And very deep, 200' is not deep on Nipigon. There are a few island groups but it's mainly open water. In 3 days of fishing, we saw 4 boats with 2 of them being MNR boats...looked like 40 footers or so and the others being larger, looked like cargo carriers. There is a landing/park up the east shore a ways. Probably a little more traffic up that way but not much. A favorite area is due west from that landing, the Shakespeare Islands. We stayed on the south end of the lake. Talked to a couple different large sailboats heading for the north end. They said there is nobody up there....40 - 50 miles or so. That deep, cold water (water temp in the mid 50's mid August holds monster lakers. Probably the biggest drive-to trout period. Trolling is what most everyone does, but I wasn't equipped for that at that time, so we jigged like we do on other trout lakes. We were told jigging wouldn't work...wrong. We also caught brookies in a couple small bays where mayflies were hatching. No monsters but nice ones. All in all, a spectacular destination. Good luck. p.s. search for Kamahn on here. Could be wrong on the spelling. He lives up there and could help you out I think. If I ever get back up there, I will be calling him.
  10. Good job Bwack. That Scoter would have suffered a slow death had you not taken care of it. Not many hunters could differentiate scoters from ringnecks or bluegills on the wing. White wings are somewhat larger but the white wing patch makes them look like a large bluebill until they get very close. You did the right thing.
  11. I just returned from a couple days down SW. Lots of ice, even on the bigger, deeper lakes. It was getting softer by midday and might go out tonight or tomorrow on many waters. Big numbers of Canadas, not big numbers of mallards. I saw a few duck feeds in corn fields but not many. As often happens late-season there are lots of greenheads. Sure pretty this time of year. Lots of fat on the birds. Overall, hunting mostly NW MN and SW MN, I've seen far fewer mallards than most years. Friends hunting Montana had their worst year ever. The mallards were missing. I listened to a weekly hunting report on a SD radio station on the way back today hosted by a SD warden. It seems even SD is waiting for the mallards. Some areas have decent birds but many have mostly geese according to the show. I think only the ND guys are happy. Canopy, I sure wish the price of barley and wheat would jump. I believe since soybeans became the main crop up your way, there just isn't much reason for the mallards to stick around (if they show up at all). I miss the days sitting on the water up NW waiting for the flights of mallards and pintails returning from the fields. I guess it is time to get the fish house pointed towards LOW.
  12. Good going Zero. Breaking ice and getting rewarded is pretty gratifying. One of my hunting partners went out of the river yesterday....the river was even iced over. They didn't do great but saw a fair amount, most of which were sitting in the open water holes in the middle. About time the mallards showed. Guess they won't be staying long. My farmer friend in Saskatchewan called me today as I was returning from Appleton. He called to tell me "GO HUNTING". It was minus 4 F at this place yesterday morning and by evening he said all the ducks had left. North Dakota should be filling up about now. It was good down SW MN but there weren't many migrators. Wish I could have stayed a couple more days. Ice all the way to Morris now, even on some bigger water. I don't think I have ever seen so many coots in MN this late.
  13. Thief froze over early last week but opened up on Sunday with the warmer temps and big wind. There was no ice yesterday. Supposed to get down to 14 tonight so I expect it freeze over again. With the cool temps forecast, I would guess it won't reopen. Good numbers of divers but the mallards were still very scarce. Several big flocks of divers migrating. I called one of the farmers in Sask where we hunt yesterday on the way home. He said there were huge numbers of ducks still there but the white geese mostly left 2 or 3 weeks ago. Not much reason for the ducks to leave with the table set, no pressure and water still open. Temps have been pretty mild in Canada. The first major snowstorm on the Sask/MB prairies should send quite a bunch our way.
  14. Great job on the divers guys. Now, please forgive the hijack.....after returning from Canada I went thru my MN decoys to whittle down the flock. I have a dozen Herters model 63 black ducks that don't need anything. They have been unused for a long time. If anyone is interested, give me a holler. Those foam Herters are great decoys. For about 30 years, I have used repainted model 72 mallards with replacement goose heads for packing a pretty good Canada spread in a small boat, a Grumman Sport Boat. 30 dekes fit in 2 bags and geese seem to think the smaller size is just fine. I just looked at the cost of new heads....wow.
  15. Not meaning to hijack the thread and I think the OP got an answer so.............Randerson, I just bought a 2012 Tundra and need a topper. Are you in sales? Looking for some advice.
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