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  1. jhanks50

    Pump or Auto?

    I shoot and paddle with my 870 great gun!!
  2. On the water in the Mankato area...not sure exactly where yet, but im getting excited!!!
  3. Good luck to all that are heading out tommorrow! Remember to take some pics and share them!! -Jeremy
  4. I know you can use a trolling motor (12V) on a bunch of them this year, they are listed in the reg book as to which ones you can use it on. I was wondering the same thing about early goose?
  5. By Mankato and it has not been very good...
  6. Great idea! thanks for sharing im going to have to do that and save me some major money!!
  7. I may it depends on weather a second boat is going to be joining our group or not. I hunt the Swan lake area so its pretty crazy and I have to get out there EXTREMELY early to get a good spot but ill let you know if the 2nd boat comes through or not!
  8. I looked at the one on swan the other day and there is no water within 100 yards of it...all cattails and the grass and trees are overtaking the ramp to get out to it...the ramp is also missing several boards, pretty poor effort on the DNR's part for that blind...
  9. jhanks50

    mojo extension pole

    I used those steel green stakes with the steps on the bottom to make it easier to push into the ground...then on top i used a gardner duck whistler that i had broke and attatched it to the top of the pole...it just so happens that those whistles fit perfictly into the hole on the bottom of the duck....and yes i know i rigged the heck out of that thing, but it gets the job done!!!!!
  10. jhanks50

    Fish id please???

    agree with above
  11. jhanks50

    "The Hangover"

    it was the best movie Ive seen in a long time...laughed the whole time!
  12. jhanks50

    bass vs walleye

  13. jhanks50

    Walleye Photo Gallery

    some real nice fish right there! good work carpmanjake!!!