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  1. Like this? I personally liked the one with the flash better than this one, and they were taken only seconds apart.
  2. Nothin fancy. Just a digital camera that I had borrowed from my brother.
  3. First time posting a picture here, so I hope you like it. This picture was taken in North Dakota while I was duck hunting over a small pothole. I love this picture cause I took it myself.
  4. the seven that I counted are all curled up. Should getit back soon so I will post pics when it does get back to me
  5. Not trying to one up you or anything but I shot a mallard last fall that had 7 curls. Fortunatly I did bring him to the taxidermist. Haven't got it back yet but when I do I will post some pics of it.
  6. shot a canvasback in north dakota that was banded in maryland and was 13 years old.
  7. Like i said before, this is not my land. However the landowner asked how I felt about this and I told him that I didn't want them to use it. I'm not sure what his final decision was but I will find out. I wonder if there is any bass in there?
  8. There is no minnows in the pond right now. The DNR wants to stock full of walleye fry, and then stock other lakes around the state.
  9. Thanks for posting the pic. Yeah i hope I find the other side as well.
  10. Is this good or bad? I would assume the later of the two, but don't know much about it. Looking for info on this subject. Any help would be apprciated. The DNR contacted the landowner where I hunt and asked if they could stock walleye fry in my favorite pond.
  11. I sent the pics to your e-mail. Let me know if you got them. Thanks.
  12. what's your e-mail address. Post up here, or send private message. Thanks
  13. I'll try and post pics. Is anyone willing to post for me, I could e-mail pics to someone who knows what they are doing. I haven't found the other side yet either. Will be looking alot more though.
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