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  1. polaris boy

    Got my Omega

    I have a Thompson center omega with a nikon omega 3x9 bdc scope. Stainless steel. Love the gun. Sighted out to 200 yards. 110 grains triple 7 powder. 250 grain sst bullet. One mean machine for bear or deer
  2. polaris boy

    itasca state park.

    Anyone going to hunt the park this year. Sure have seen a lot of deer while fishing and camping this year.
  3. polaris boy

    Good Luck

    Good luck everyone and shoot straight
  4. polaris boy

    Itasca state park

    Ya I think I'm still going to try it out. Guess I don't know unless I go
  5. polaris boy

    Itasca state park

    Thanks for the response.
  6. polaris boy

    Itasca state park

    I'm thinking of trying the park for rifle and was wonder who else hunts the park? What's your take on the deer numbers and what part do you hunt. Thanks
  7. polaris boy

    Paul Bunyan forest

    Hunt the northern part Tords bemidji. Just wondering if it would be worth bringing my Atv.
  8. polaris boy

    Paul Bunyan forest

    Was wondering who all plans to rifle hunt this year there. What's your predictions and do you use a Atv. Thanks
  9. polaris boy

    Got my 2011 mount back!!!!

    Nice deer
  10. polaris boy

    camp ripley application

    ya i hear that work always seems to get in the way of ones hunt
  11. polaris boy

    camp ripley application

    I just applied for the second hunt. what hunt are you applyin for and why? Ive always done the first hunt and have shot a doe....guess i just want to try the second hunt
  12. polaris boy

    mission craze

    I bought a craze this past friday with some tuning its a tack driver. Now my mathew lx is a back up. I highly recommend the bow. I have a short draw of 27 and this bow fits nice.
  13. polaris boy

    muzzleloader season

    I hope for some snow and cold too
  14. polaris boy

    muzzleloader season

    So whose all fired up to do some muzzleloader hunting. What u guys using for guns and bullets. I'm pushing a powerbelt 295 HP with 100 grains of 777 out of a traditions buckstalker.
  15. polaris boy


    Hey thanks for the post much appreciated