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  1. Is there a better time in the Spring than others to fish this pier? I dont get to see my son as much as I would wish. Kind of hesitant to make that long of drive if they wont be hanging out around that pier. Another question, if its o.k., isnt there a fish hatchery somewhere near there as well? Are they going strong?
  2. About 5 years ago I got treated to an awesome day of fishing! A good friend brought me down to, I think Spirit Lake. We went fishing on a giant pier that had a ton of boat traffic! It was near some sort of very large blue machine shed. I think? There were some large boats traveling through the pier that day! He took me fishing for sunfish that day. That was a day I hope to never forget! I have never seen sunfish the size of dinner plates! What a treat! I would love to take me son down there! The water was crystal clear, the fish were huge, AND they were hungry. Can anybody give me some guidance on where this is? When are these monster panfish at this pier? We live in Mankato, and would be fishing from the pier. I would love for him to experience this!
  3. That was a great memory for not only your kids but also for everybody that read it! Glad to hear your kids love to spend time in the boat as much as you do! Congrats on the great weekend and also giving Mom a break. Wonderful story and pictures! That sunset is a great way to end any day like the ones you had!
  4. I can hardly wait to get down there! The closer it gets to the weekend the more kids I got coming down. Last week I was bringing young son and his bud down. Now I might have two more tagging along. Hows the fishing heating up down there? Isnt there a small bait shop real close to that pier? If I remember right there was a small white brick building close to that marina, that was where I got my license last time down there. Hope my memory is close! I'll be down there in a white dodge truck, trying to keep my excitement down while I try to keep 4 other boys in one spot. If anybody is down there stop by say HI, maybe take a kid or two!
  5. Thank you all so very much for the outpouring and wealth of information! If the fish are there I can promise that these little buddies are gonna be hooked on fishing! All I can say is........I'm hooked on this great fishery down here! You guys are doing something right down here! Wish we could figure it out up here! Again thanks a million to everybody!
  6. A couple of years ago a great friend brought me down there to show me what real panfish looked like! Man was I hooked! Hopefully if the weather heats up I will be showing some little boys what real panfish look like and fight like! He took me to a wooden pier on either Okaboji or Spirit that was right in front of a big marina, I think. All I remember was a lot of boats, and big boats passing under the pier. Was wondering if someone could let me know where that was. I am coming down from Mankato, bringing at least two boys around 7 years old that havent had a whole lot of exposure to the fishing thing. I would love to get them hooked! If the ol' mother nature gets to warming up we'll be down there April 21 or 22. If that pier isnt a hot spot anybody have some other recommendations to get the little guys hooked? Thanks for the info and help (in advance)!
  7. Hows the action over there by Hayward? Looking forward to getting over there! Questoin I forgot to ask........Hows the ice looking? I'm sure the lakes have been making some good ice lately! Thickness of the ice determines which auger to bring, and if I'll be walking or driving on the lakes. Anybody have any success lately with the panski's?
  8. Snooze..........good luck on Winnie! And thank you thank you thank you! All this info is going to come in handy real soon! All of you thanks! Next week cant get here fast enough now! Also Snooze, since you are already up that far, you might want to try Upper Red Lake! They opened up the season for marble eyes. They are having some good luck from what I hear! The huge crappies are still up there but have slowed down a bit. They really got hammered the last couple of years. Any time on the lake is better than anywhere else! Good Luck to you! And thanks once again to everybody! I cant say how much I appreciate the help! Anybody ever in my area of God's country let me know we'll get you some fish! Oops, Snooze if you have time.......Mille Lacs is having hot bite also! I've got family up there and the bite is really on right now and has been for a few weeks! Good Luck!
  9. ATTN: Snoozebutton, When I talk to Leon who do I tell him referred me? Will he know you as Snoozebutton? Also, I guess I'm looking for a short cut for some fish. Are all these other lakes mentioned smaller and close by? Nelson, Smith, Potato? I did a quick look on one of those direction sites and I didnt see any of the lakes. Oops I did see Nelson I think! By the way, thanks for all your suggestions! Sounds like I am the only one there Thursday. So I'm a gonna go fishing! Anybody up for some time on the hard water Thursday afternoon? Again thanks for all the advice! benny
  10. Wow Thanks guys for the input! I was told we are staying at Grand Pines Resort on the Round Lakes. These werent mentioned. Guessing there is a reason for that? And all these other lakes, they are all in close proximity? The beers will be flowing! I have a ton of questions! We are coming over from Mankato, MN. South, south-central. I am hungry for fish! Not much fishing being done around here, the ice is terrible, even for walking! This Phipps Lake, it is a fresh water tuna lake? LOL! Once again, thanks for the suggestions! And if anybody would like to come fishing....just drop a line! Again thanks! benny
  11. Happy New Year! I'm going on a vacation over by Hayward Jan. 19-22. I know I am going to get cabin fever by Thursday night. So I'm asking a favor from anybody..........if you would? Can you give me any leads on where to go for some fast pan action. I'm bringing four other buds along with their wives. Hoping on being able to have a meal of fresh fish over the weekend! So if anyone can give me some leads on lakes in the area of even of bait shops in the area I would very much appreciate it! Thanks!
  12. Hey Snapcrackpop.........your story got my blood pumping reminding me of last season. I was up in my stand and had a 8 walk past me about 40 yards away not paying attention to me and my attempts to get his attention. When I gave up and turned around I had a monster 10 looking in my direction broadside at about 20 yards! I froze at the same time my heart tryed to pound its way out. The second he dropped his head I grabbed my bow and pulled back. I lined my sight up........I lost him in the background of the trees. Now mind you it was getting close to the end of legal shooting. I was in the woods, it was cloudy. I took my eye off the peep and saw him. I put my eye back on the sights and he disappeared. He walked off. I know the shot was there and I am confident I would have hit him, BUT he walked off without me pulling the trigger. That in itself made all the times hunting worth it! That would of been my first deer EVER in 16 years! Looking back would I let him walk if that situation came about again...........You are darn right he walk off again!
  13. For all those........if I rubbed them the wrong way! I apologize for my statements on the decoys! I was misinformed! VERY MISINFORMED! I took the words of my Dad too much for granted while not looking into it myself! Guess he was telling me his opinion and not the laws opinion! AGAIN I apologize.....Now its time for me to go get one! I have been going out seems like forever! I am getting very frustrated! Seeing deer but always behind trees! Never in the open space in front of me! Any suggestions? I did see a pig stand broad side 30 yards. Passed up though. Was getting to close to the end of the day, but everytime I put my pin on him I could not see him. Took my eyes off the pin and he appeared. Blinked hard and lined the pin up, he disappeared. Figured it was too dark and wanted to be sure of my placement......So he walked off! Saw himi again on Monday, but was busy trailing a doe hard! Had no interest in any of my gestures!
  14. Are you guys hunting in Minnesota? Maybe I am misinformed and not up to date with my laws. When I read the posts here I guess I am assuming you talking of hunting in Minnesota. In what I have learned hunting over a decoy is frowned upon. I am positive nobody here would ever brag of doing this knowing it is not legal! Again I am maybe just misinformed and confused! Good luck!
  15. Can anybody fill me in on where to go fishing on Okoboji? I am thinking of bringing a little cousin down to do some panfishing. My first experience fishing Boji was this spring down on some pier. I think the pier was in Clear Lake. Had a fun time fishing and watching some of these monster panski's swimming around. I have never seen bluegills and sunnies that big. I will not have the boat. Can anybody give the heads up on some panski's? I am coming down from Mankato. Any day on the lake is a good day!
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