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  1. It's a square box type up on the roof. It must just be the wind.
  2. This is the second time I've noticed this now. We bought this place a little over a year ago. It's raining right now into my range hood. I've been up on the roof and looked at everything up there and it looks fine. Everything looks fairly new up there. It doesn't "always" rain in...this is only the second time we've noticed it. Anyone ever run into this? I'm not sure where to even start looking to fix this. -Strat
  3. I run a Stratcraft Tournament Pro 180 with a 175EFI Merc on it. It is a fiberglass boat. Super boat Great moter Never had a problem with it at all.. Strat
  4. Great post guy's. I've shot a Fox double now for 28 year's now. It's been on the bottom of ND slews twice ( triping over rocks) and to this day looks and shots Great even to this day... Enjoyed the posts... Strat
  5. Still here, No-one came by this weekend to look at her. The new tire's are on plus I had the tranny fluid's and filter changed and the pan gasket at the same time. Drove it around all weekend. RUN'S GREAT!!!
  6. I sent pic's to all who asked. I'm slapping NEW tires on it Sat Am... Strat PLUS IF IT GOES THIS WEEKEND $2700.00
  7. Ok now it's getting serious here!! Wife said NO pheasant hunting till the truck is sold... Give me some offer's... Strat
  8. You've got mail. The pics have been sent. If for some reason someone didn't get them let me know. da Chise - I got yours returned - it said invalid address - the address I had for you was: [email protected] Strat
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