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  1. Located in Lakeville. Call or text 612-581-4zero49
  2. Twins 57 Fan

    hook choice for walleyes

    I use slick jigs under my tip ups for walleyes. They work well for me.
  3. Twins 57 Fan

    Just curious... Vex vs. Bird vs. Marcum

    I remember. I was up there that weekend but it was a no go. Since I was up there, it looks like my fl22 was the top flasher at the shoot out. Everyone buy the fl22 because it was the hands down winner.
  4. Twins 57 Fan

    Looking for a Flasher

    I can assure you that I know how to work a flasher and adjust to the style of fishing that I am doing. I couldn't care less which flasher someone chooses to buy, just stating my experience. With that said, my experience shades me away from using Marcum near other "non marcum"units. I'm sure there is a hundred stories stating otherwise from loyal marcum guys, but that was not my first hand experience.
  5. Twins 57 Fan

    names of bows

    Very funny. Plus its tough to hunt with all your bow nagging at ya all the time!
  6. Twins 57 Fan

    Looking for a Flasher

    I am a former owner of a Marcum Lx3-tc. It was terrible next to the three other units I was fishing near (different brand). Everyone else was able to clear their screens from the interference. I sold that unit shortly after and bought a different brand. Problem solved.
  7. Twins 57 Fan

    Polaris question

    Thanks guys. Got her running pretty good, smokey from the sea foam, but running well. I traded for it, so couldn't give you an exact price. Probably a few hundred with no trailer.
  8. Twins 57 Fan

    Polaris question

    Better question.... What should the rpms be at idle?
  9. Twins 57 Fan

    Polaris question

    I bought a 91 polaris indy sport 440. Needed a little cleaning but all in all it's in great shape. Can anyone tell me what the carb settings for the little screws is supposed to be? Want to get her dialed in before the lakes freeze up. Thanks in advance.
  10. Twins 57 Fan

    Bone collector

  11. Twins 57 Fan

    Bone collector

    anyone use the bone collector blind by Ameristep? Thoughts?
  12. I might look in to that if I ever run in to problems down the road... Knock on wood... Hope I never have to though
  13. Different story then me buddy. I have owned different vexilars and have zero problems with mine. You have had some bad luck