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  1. Can anyone recommend a resort that will be open right after the ice goes out for lake trout this spring.Would prefer American plan,but will do own meals if resort isn't totally up and running due to early ice out. Fly in would work to. Thanks
  2. Hey Matt Haven't talked to you in quite awhile.I sold my place last fall,now I can go fishing. When will you be up at Manitow? I would like to come up and go ice fishing,but it would most likely be just myself.Let me know. Give me a call. Thanks Bob
  3. Looking at taking my son on a fishing trip for Big Northern and Lake Trout. Talked to the marketing guy for Gods River Lodge at the All Canada Show. Looks like a great trip,but was wondering if anyone has been there or has any other suggestions of where to go?
  4. Super bee or others. I have owned a cabin on clear water for about six years and have not had alot of time to fish the area that much. My thirteen year old made me promise to quit working on the place and take him fishing. So next week we plan on fishing for five days (no work). Does anybody know of guides in the area who we could hire for a few days for pipestone or the south end lakes? Thanks Bob
  5. Trying to plow a rink for the kids, but plow leaves layer of snow.Any way to get plow flat to ground?
  6. Matt if you get the ice machine i can bring it up for you
  7. Matt how about pipestone I'am going up thursday for a few days...call me if you'll be around...bob
  8. GunDr Where do you stay when your on clear water,when are you going up next...
  9. the portages are easy, last year they cost 20.00 round trip...
  10. What would the 850 include..and what dates in may?
  11. any body know where I can get wood to replace it???or wher I can have it done? THANKS
  12. Nice video Matt,but you need to put some pictures of the food.... call me when you get a second my oldest boy and i are coming up this weekend. bob
  13. superbee, let me know about clearwater if you can.....thanks
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