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  1. Hey DonBo, or anyone else. How's the driving on Yellow. Can you drive anywhere, just on main trails, or not at all? I'm thinking about taking the kids tomorrow but it's supposed to be windy so I'm looking for a wind block from the truck. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey Mudman and spindry! We received a copy of that muskie this fall from that fisherman on Yellow Lake. Many thanks to him. Also thanks to Matt Johnson for making this picture possible. Hope the picture comes through otherwise I'll try again. Nathan caught this one in the fall of 2004 (better late than never)! Sloopjont
  3. Hi Matt! You have mail Sloopjont
  4. Matt- This is pigsticka's dad. I'll try to send you a picture of my son's 15 1/2 inch crappie that he kept to mount. It was only weighed on a resorts digital Zebco de-liar scale so the weight seems too low. What address should I send it to? thanks!
  5. Yellow Report: Went to Yellow Sunday afternoon with my 10 and 6 yr old. Consensus from talking with other anglers was the walleyes weren't biting. We did get a few crappies and sunnies as well as northerns. Tried the usual walleye spots and methods -- no walleye hits just a couple of northerns. Crappies were well scattered. Must still be too cold!
  6. Went to Yellow yesterday. Heavy fog and no wind, couldn't even tell where I was on the lake 100 yards from shore. Tried the same methods as last Friday, but no takers today. Anyone else been out?
  7. Hey mudman and spindry! We didn't have a sucker out for muskie. He caught it on a walleye jig and minnow with 6lb test. That's why it took so long to get it in. Had to pick it up by hand to get it in the boat. He got lucky, the muskie got hooked by the trailer hook. I think that's how we caught it without the line breaking. I may go up there again tomorrow for a while. Will report back if I do. If you're out and see a 14' lumicraft with a 15 hp Mariner, say hi! By the way, it was between 44 and 45 inches and the fattest and thickest muskie I've seen for its length. Looked like some of those pictures from Mille Lac
  8. Hi Guys! I see you've been posting about Yellow. I went there with my ten year old on last Friday, the 22nd. We fished in a light rain for about 4 hours from 11-3pm. We caught about 8 walleyes, most between 14 and 14 3/4 inches, but one keeper at 15. We fished the windblown shore, on the dropoff. The walleyes were where the clouds of baitfish were, 15-22 feet deep. My 10 year old caught about a 25 lb muskie (released after picture) while we were jigging for walleyes. It took about 20 - 30 minutes to land. I had to land it by hand with no net or anything with that could handle it. A muskie fisherman on the lake took a picture for us. We had no camera with in the rain. He is sending the picture in the mail. Will try to post it when it is received. Nice Bonus fish and of course his biggest fish to date! Best luck to all.
  9. Hey hawgTime. Just got back from visiting him. His appendix ruptured before they got it so he'll be in until tomorrow morning. Thanks for the good thoughts! Take Care!
  10. Hi Guys! Just wanted to let you know, for those who know him, Pigsticka went in last night for an emergency appendectomy. I know he was a little scared and will be out of full commission for a while, but everything should go fine. I also know ice fishing season is his favorite time of year and he'll be disappointed to miss out on some of that, too. Thought he could use some encouragement . . .
  11. Hi 'fisherman! I grew up fishing this lake, my parents had the first cabin north of Calderwood on the east side. The crappie and perch are deep in this lake in the winter. Check the deepest holes for crappie and perch, the crappie are usually suspended up about six feet and the only bite for them is usually at dusk until after dark. If you e-mail me I'll give you a specific spot to try for crappie [email protected] Good Luck!
  12. Hi AWH! I'm not Dan but the springs are all over in that bay, but especially to the left if you face the lake and you're at the landing. If you stay to the right it is better and later in the winter vehicles do drive out from there. Dan, do you know what part or parts of Yellow froze first?
  13. Fished Yellow on Saturday with my 20 year old. We must have caught about 12-15 walleye, but none were over the 15" minimum. He even got one that was 14 3/4, but that's okay, it was fun! He also hooked into a 25-30 lb muskie. He was using a small sucker minnow. We had it on for about 10-15 minutes and it made a couple of spectacular jumps. After the second jump it turned away from the boat and must have cut the line. A couple of muskie fishermen were close to us watching the action and were ready to come over to help us land it when we were ready. We had nothing with to land a fish that size. Would have liked to been able at least to measure it. Quite a thrill on 6lb test line! For those looking for muskie, the muskie guys said they had been getting a few.
  14. Hi to All! Since Aquaman brought up the 'when I was a kid' story . . . I thought I'd share one. My parents' had a cabin when I was a kid on Bone lake in Wisconsin. Spent a lot of time on the dock and to where I could row on the lake. Anyway, in the summer on quiet evenings, after dark, I could fish with a panfish sized popper and catch crappies right in front of our cabin. The crappies would be slurping minnows all around the boat. Average size crappies but a lot of fun! I used to cast off the dock, also after dark with a small crankbait called a Fly Ike, a miniature lazy ike. Didn't catch as many crappies, but once in a while would get them in the pound class fishing that way. I can't remember getting a fish that big on the flies. Boy did I have some explosions at the dock from muskies when I used to cast jitterbugs for bass after dark! Never caught one that way but they sure tried to get it a couple of times!
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