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  1. Looks like honey mushroom, Armillaria mellea? More info here: http://foragerchef.com/honey-mushrooms-the-pride-of-eastern-europe/ Some people can't tolerate them very well, so I haven't even tried them - not worth it to me.
  2. I've been finding a few hens, but nothing like last year (which was great for me). Here's one that was just shy of ten pounds sitting next to my daughter.
  3. Found a perfect little hen yesterday in the east metro.
  4. Had a little luck over the past couple days. Also got a nice young chicken today.
  5. Looks like Dryads Saddle aka Pheasant's Back to me. http://minnesotaseasons.com/Fungi/Dryads_Saddle.html
  6. caddisfly

    Bear Head Lake state park!!

    We've been at Bearhead for a week every summer for the last 25 years. It's a great park. Depending on the time of year (and moisture), the blueberries can be great, and right along the roads/campsite loops. We also usually take a hike out to Blueberry Lake (a pretty tough hike for youngsters) and collect enough for a breakfast of blueberry pancakes. Last year in late July, the park was also filled with chanterelle and lobster mushrooms - if you're into that. Tons of sunnies during the day in any of the shallow bays or around islands just outside of the boat launch bay. Just bobber fishing. We've switched to powerbait maggots for bait over the last few years because it outlasts live bait and the little sunfish don't seem to care. You'll get a bonus bass or northern if you're using live bait though. We always get into some nice crappies and small walleyes, but over the years we've only found them biting from about an hour before dusk until the time the mosquitos come out (just after sundown). Might be tough in a kayak as we are usually returning to dock in the dark. Here's some pics from our trip last year (we had some big storms roll through and lots of trees were down in the park). Enjoy your week!
  7. caddisfly

    Your Three Best Photos

    Choosing 3 "best photos" is tough, but here are 3 of my favorites right now. Cottonwood vs. Lightning Morel cluster Pup in the snow
  8. Scarlet Cup? http://minnesotaseasons.com/Fungi/Scarlet_Cup.html
  9. They're still out there. This one from today was in great shape and just over two pounds:
  10. I can't identify any of those for sure, and certainly wouldn't recommend eating any of them. The first pic might be some older honey mushrooms, but it's pretty tough to tell. I've got about 8 mushrooms that I can positively id. Beyond that, it's just not worth being wrong. There are still some fresh hen of the woods mushrooms around the metro if you get out into some oak woods. You can find them around the base of big mature oaks and they are pretty easy to identify. Found about 20 on Wednesday. Many were a little old, but was able to take 4 nice ones home. Here's a pic of one that I left behind.
  11. Found 8 hens around one tree today. A bit past prime, but I've got coordinates saved for next year. Here's pics of a walk around the tree:
  12. The white toothed mushroom is a type of Hericium. Edible and pretty tasty if it's nice and fresh.
  13. It was a real beauty. Super dense and had barely started to branch out. Probably had a bit more growth potential, but it was nice and clean at this point. Not much went to waste. Made some great soup with chicken thighs and veggies, and almost can't tell the difference between the mushroom and the chicken. Drying the rest so we can enjoy it all winter.
  14. Decided to harvest this one today. Weighed just about 6 pounds. Still really tight, and probably could have left it a few more days, but thought I'd process it today while I have some time. Day 11:
  15. I'm not sure what is best, but I will say that the cleanest of these three had come up through a pretty thick layer of leaf litter, and the dirtiest one was right along the edge of a trail where it was pretty well exposed. I could definitely see that the recent rains had splashed sand and dirt on the top and underside of the dirty one. The one that had been in the leaf litter had very little sand/dirt to clean off. Either way, we had scrambled eggs with maitake for breakfast - yummy. Good luck today!