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  1. chberry

    Lower Unit problem or somethign else???

    Marine_Man - do you happen to know if a lower unit off a 1986 3 cyl 75 hp evinrude would work as a replacement for my 1986 70 HP evinrude? I wuold guess yes, but don't know for sure. Had two different mechanics tell me would be in the 500-600 range to take apart and rebuild my lower unit, so I'm looking at used options to just replace the entire lower unit. I'm not looking to put a lot of money into this boat/motor. Do I need to be aware of drive shaft splines or anything like that?
  2. chberry

    What brand fillet knife to buy

    Leech will also sharpen their knives at the sportshow for free if you bring it in. I've had mine done once a year since I bought it in 1995. BEst knife I have ever used.
  3. by the way, love my 55...have fished with a fl-8 for years, upgrade last year after looking at the fl18/20, as well as the lx-5. hands down, the 55 IMO is the best product out there.
  4. mav1951 - I had the same issue last year, when I called into Hummingbird, they overnighted a new unit to me, and had me send the defective unit back once I had received the new unit. They seemed to know what exactly the problem was when I described it. I called around 1 pm on a Wed, and by 5 pm Thursday, the replacement was in my hands along with some goodies!
  5. chberry

    Lower Unit problem or somethign else???

    Thanks marine man, I saw you are from lisbon, My grandma is from lisbon. I spent many spring and summer days growing up shooting gophers on my great grandmas farm up there. We still own the farm, and a house in town.
  6. I recently had my 1986 70 ho Evinrude out on the lake pulling the kids in the tube. I was running along, and the boat started shaking violently....I didn't hit anything, we were over 50 feet of water! After getting the motor stopped, and getting back to the dock, the motor displayed the following symptoms. The motor will start, and ideas perfectly, when I put it in gear going forward, I have to push hard on the throttle to get it to go forward, and the prop doesn't spin, when I put it in gear in reverse, the prop spins, and the throttle moves easily. I’m guessing I destroyed the forward gear somehow, can anyone confirm this by my description?
  7. chberry

    concrete disposal?

    google eurekarecylcing, pull up their page, and click on Reuse or disposal, and then on the A to Z guide. Click on construction debris....lots of options listed. I hauled out an old driveway a couple years back and found this link helpful in locating a place.
  8. chberry


    I've had luck fishing some of the large weed flats during the day on weekends....and I fish Wayzata bay a lot. If the pleasure boaters won't go over them, they sometime hold fish. But gernally speaking, be prepared to be off the lake by noon on a good weekend, otherwise you will be playing bumper boats with the cruisers!
  9. chberry

    Other Fish Caught While Muskie Fishing

    does a clam count? It chomped down on a mag bulldawg I was ripping off the bottom. I have a pic somewhere on my computer, just can't find it right now.
  10. chberry

    What's your boats name?

    The ugly is a nice beat up highly modified 1973 Starcraft Nova that still wears its orginal yellow paint...hence the duckling name!
  11. chberry

    What portable fish house do you have?

    2-8x8 Canvas Craft/Canvas Plus suitcases - the newer one is insulated, and I've had for a year now...LOVE IT. The older one I've had for close to 15 years, and it is still in excellent shape and gets used 2-3 times a year when I fish with large groups. I also have an older fish trap guide that I use when I go alone.
  12. chberry

    Cameras scare fish?

    Pike really like the cameras....and the cable. I've had to replace two camera/cables on my camera. I did manage to pull up one of the two pike that have bitten mine. PErch seem to be very camera happy, but I have noticed I usually get more walleye bites if the camera is off, and out of the water.
  13. chberry

    Lund Repair ?

    I had a couple of holes I couldn't reach when I did mine. I took some double sided tape, and stuck it to the end of a 1 inch putty knife. stuck the back of the t-nut to it, and used it to hold it in place while I tighened a nut from above with out the baseplate in just to get the tnut seated. good luck, and let us know what works for you!
  14. chberry

    Lund Repair ?

    I'm not sure if your base plates have a hole cut into the floor or not. I have an older style plate that has a 3 inch hole or so cut into the floor. I was able to squeeze my hand down below the floor and put T nuts into the backside of the screw holes. The tnuts are basically a treaded sleeve with a disk on the back to prevent the bolts from ripping out of the wood. the bolts from the top go into the nuts, and cinchs everything down nice and tight.
  15. chberry

    crawfish trapping through the ice

    They have a closed season...only reason I know this is a couple of years ago, a couple of buddies and myself caught about 15 of them ice fishing in 24 ft of water over gravel. Our bobbers would go down about 6 inches, and then just hover. We would set the hook, but nothing. We finally brought them up very slowly, and in most cases, the crayfish would stay on until they hit the top of the hole. They would then drop...we had 10-15 of them running around the house entertaining our drunk arses until we kicked them down the holes. After that trip, I did some checking, and found this in the fishing regs.... from the DNR fishing Regs... Crayfish: From April 1-Nov. 30 licensed anglers and children under 16 may take and possess up to 25 pounds of crayfish longer than 1 inch for personal use.