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  1. Haven't had a chance to use it yet
  2. Thanks for the replies
  3. Got a Powerhorse 2000w generator from NT and wondering what kind of oil I should use.
  4. I bought an 08 Outlander Max XT 400 EFI before christmas (a little gift for myself) and love the thing. Gets me anywhere I wanted to go on the lake. Put chains on the rear was/is a good idea. It's got enough power, pulled a pickup out of a drift on the lake this winter, it took a couple of pulls and a little shoveling but we got it out.
  5. If it says Vexilar on it, it is.
  6. The light comes back on after the battery is at full charge.
  7. Clam Voyager - 6X10 Wheel house
  8. vman11, Where did you pick yours up? Somewhere in Fargo? With the snow on area lakes I think I'm going to need some to get my perm off the lake.
  9. What is the best way to clean and season a cast iron pan?
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