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  1. Thanks for the info. Do you know if umbrella nets are legal, I have seen them in local stores?
  2. I was wondering if cast nets or umbrella nets are legal in Minnesota. I know that sein nets are as long as they meet cartain requirements. There are times when a cast net would be nice and it just seems like it would be fun.
  3. Very good move towards better fishin. I wish they would make regulations like this on other fish. SUch as them big slab crappies or big bull bluegills. It should only mean better fishin in the future.
  4. No offense taken. I'm just looking for info. I know it might not sound believable to everyone, but I looked up the female black headed grosbeak and I am almost positive that is what I saw. According to the Minnesota Orthontologist Union it would fall under the list of casual birds. I have seen many juvenile robins and female rose breasted grosbeaks and I know it wasn't either one of them. The shape of the bird wasn't like that of a juvenile robin. It had more of the grosbeak shape. That is why I was thinking it was a grosbeak at first, but I have never seen those chest colors on one until now. I would also love others opinions.
  5. While I was out today i was taking a few picks of some birds. THen I saw what I first thought was a juvenile robin. My camera doesn't zoom in to far so I looked with the binocs. The birds head looked like it had the markings of a female rose breasted grosbeak, and the chest looked almost like that of a juvenile robin. I didn't get a pic and that is all I got before he flew away. Hope this is a good enough description. Does anybody have any idea of what it might be. THANKS
  6. Yep, Sounds like a Chimney Swift. Thay really do chatter when there is a bunch of them flying around.
  7. Out of curiosity, is a common grackle an unprotected species or not?
  8. Perhaps it was a Merlin. I don't know for sure. Or maybe an American Kestrel. Try and go to a search engine and type in these to names and see if the any of the pics resemble what you saw. Anybody else have any suggestions.
  9. Did ya fall for it April Fools. I just had to. IT would have been really sweet to catch one though. Unfortunately I was sitting in school.
  10. In school today we were watching a survival guide video in my Natural Resources class. LEt me tell you, it wasn't the most interesting video on the planet. So some kid falls asleep and the teacher wakes him up tells him to go look for the Janitor. She says she needs some chemical or ingredient for her next class. She tells him to ask for K-9-P. The kid walks out the door and the class breaks up laughing. Turns out she has done this before so the Janitor knows whats going on. Cracks me up still thinking about it.
  11. Does anybody know of any good trout streams in and around Stearns County. I know there is Big Watab and the Quarry's for lakes, but are there any good streams. Thanks for any info.
  12. Nice Gill. That is a true pounder. I stayed at a cabin last year for a week on a lake we usually fish. I was fishing most of the time and we got lucky and the sunnies were on there beds when I was their. I think we had 4 that were 10" and 1 went 10.5". We measured them all and weighed one of the 10's and it was like 1.1 lbs. All went back to catch again this year. The 10.5' was really old, and was missing one eye and the other was getting really white and murky, and it was all beat up. Makes you wonder what it went through.
  13. There are fish that I hate sometimes, one of them is the rockbass. I don't care what you say, but sometimes they really get annoying when your trolling for walleyes and you can hardly get your line down. But man those dogfish put up a fight. Sometimes if the fishin is ever a little slow, I just putz around in the shallows lookin for some dogfish. Try using light tackle that you would use for panfish, then they really put up a fight.
  14. I had a few different siteings today. On the way home from school I seen two robins hoping around and I came through town and there was a bat flying around the church. I got home to look at the feeders and am now watching a mourning dove. Correct me if I'm wrong, but are'nt the bats supposed to be hibernating and the doves further south. I read the earlier posts about the robins and I suppose that is maybe why they and the dove are still around.
  15. I also have a heated birdbath, it seems to work pretty good and the birds love it.
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